The benefits of celebrating your business milestones

Leeann Nash October 24th 2022 - 3 minute read

Company milestones include any significant moment or accomplishment that mark your businesses development.

You might have reached 10,000 followers on social media; sold 1,000 units of a product or brought a new investor onboard. All of these are milestones.

When we talk about milestones it’s important to realise that what you’re actually celebrating is the relationships you’ve built within your business. The relationships between you and your consumers; and your relationship with your workforce, it’s all worth celebrating.

Celebrating an anniversary milestone

Anniversary milestones are great all-rounders. They give you the opportunity to take a step back and look at how far you’ve come in your journey. Take the time to reflect on your growth. Celebrate the hard-won challenges. Learn from early mistakes. Then, turn it all into content.

These thoughts and reflections make great blog pieces as you have the space to really delve into your company’s journey. Picking apart your story, especially when you highlight the tougher parts makes you seem more vulnerable and approachable.

Your customers are more likely to become invested in your product or service if you pull back the curtain a little. They’ll be able to appreciate the dedication and progress you’ve made to get your company to where it is today.

Celebrating a product milestone

Have you just released a new product you’ve been working on? Or perhaps you’ve launched a long-awaited redesign? Product milestones are a great opportunity to increase customer interaction and sales in one go.

There are so many things you could do to celebrate this milestone. You could create a video demonstrating the product or hold a live Q&A event online. This makes your customers feel included as you prep to release the product, especially if their feedback helped improve the product.

Contests are also a great way promoting a new item. Offering a chance to get your product for free should create lots of interest, which you can then capitalise on by asking for product reviews or feedback online. This in theory, should generate more leads.

Celebrating Location milestones

Nothing quite boosts sales like a new location or platform opening. It gives you an opportunity to showcase new your business and products to a whole new branch of customers. 

Go big! If you have a physical store, get banners and balloons and advertise before you open. Offer samples of your products if you can, discounts or opportunities to interact with the products is also a great idea.

If you’re launching a new platform, then this is the time to really lean into your marketing strategy. Competitions would work well here too, for example, interaction will the social media post means you could win a product or merchandise.

This way, your social media presence spreads and reaches more potential leads.

Celebrating your staff milestones

Whilst it’s important on a marketing level to celebrate your businesses milestones you should also take a moment to recognise growth and staffing milestones.

Whether you’re a company of one, ten or one hundred it’s important to acknowledge the hard work that your team has put in to achieve success.

Take the time to share stories about your team with a blog post so your consumers can celebrate with you. Have a party and recognise each employees’ strengths and comment on their growth. This can really help boost morale and bring your team closer together, which means you’ll be stronger when you come to tackle your next milestone.

It may seem cliché to share blogs, have competitions and post to social media, but celebrating your businesses milestones, can help to boost customer engagement. It gives them a sense of community and pride because they were able to be a part of the success by supporting your business.  

By nurturing this connection, you also build trust and loyalty within your consumers, which means that they’re more likely to return and purchase another product or reuse your service. This in turn could help generate leads as your customers recommend your business to other people.

Written by
Leeann Nash

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