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Hedge against the risk of adverse currency movements.

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FX volatility creates both risk and opportunity.

A personalised risk management strategy helps you reliably:

Improve cash flow

Refine your financial forecasting and strategic planning efforts.

Mitigate currency risks

Manage your bottom-line and improve long term stability.

Capture opportunities for global growth

Strengthen business connections and profitability.

Currency hedging products.

Solutions to mitigate your currency risk.

Forward contracts

Lock in a fixed rate for the future and forecast your profits with certainty.

checkForward contracts

Market orders

Capture favourable rates in a fast-moving market.

checkMarket orders

We offer a wide range of products and our Subsidiary Currencies Direct Financial Markets (CDFM) provides a number of FX derivative options that help you to manage the cost of your international transactions. We’ll regularly evaluate the efficiency of the tools you’re using to ensure your international payments are fully optimised.

If your forward requirements are not linked to payments for goods or services then please contact us.

Tailor-made strategies.

Creating a hedging strategy that’s right for your business.


Ask yourself what your exposure is to movement in the currency market.


Combine this knowledge with our market outlook to establish your risk management objectives.


Develop a strategy with our experts to achieve your objectives and protect profit.


Execute with our help and update based on market insights and performance evaluations.

Free currency hedging guide

Find out how to create a hedging strategy to protect your business from currency fluctuations.


Case studies.

Read more about how we’ve helped our customers streamline operations and save money through tailored FX solutions.

Goldwing cable case study

Goldwing Cable

Mitigating currency risks with expert insights, bespoke hedging tools and exceptional customer service.

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CADA design case study

CADA Design

Around £400,000 saved in FX costs thanks to a tailored risk management and currency hedging services.

checkRead more

People taking pictures at photoshoot

Golden Arrow Entertainment

Saving hundreds of thousands in FX costs thanks to bespoke hedging solutions and expert support.

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Frequently asked questions.

Hedging is important as it can protect your business against movements in exchange rates. By using market orders, forward contracts, and bespoke hedging solutions, you can protect your business from unexpected cost increases.  

Rates locked in with a forward contract can be secured for up to two years. Our team can discuss your requirements to help you find the right hedging solution for your business. 

A forward contract offers protection against adverse currency fluctuations as well as certainty when setting budgets and understanding costs. Once agreed, a fixed forward contract remains in place. Our team of experts can discuss available solutions to mitigate risk whilst optimising cash flow and potential rate improvements. 

Yes, businesses with exposure to multiple currencies can utilise our hedging solutions to reduce risk in more than one currency. By working with your account manager, you can create a hedging solution that is right for your organisation. 

Build a plan to protect your cash flow

Find out more about how our solutions can help your business.

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More ways we can help.

Accounts payable

Streamline outbound payments, reduce costs, and eliminate international banking barriers.

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Accounts receivable

Receive payments into our secure multi-currency accounts to streamline your processes and reduce costs. 

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Mass payments

Automate multiple invoice payments, international payroll, or other large payment runs with Batchpay.

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API integrations

Connect your own systems to ours, including payments, collections and FX with flexibility, control and ease.

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