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By integrating your software with our API, you’ll be giving the go ahead to faster, streamlined transactions.

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Seamless integration. Cross-border capabilities.

If you need to automate or improve your international workflows such as accounts payable and accounts receivable functions, all of our services are accessible via our suite of APIs. Automated international payments to clients or employees are all part of the service.

Through our API solution, you can connect your systems directly to Currencies Direct and create seamless end-to-end FX and international payment workflows for your business.


Streamline FX and international payments for your clients.

If your business involves taking payments or FX instructions from your clients, our APIs can help you automate those processes, allowing you to deliver higher value service.

Your clients can get direct access to global currency accounts without leaving your platform. They’ll also benefit from a seamless cross-border collection and payments network and the facility to open new bank accounts instantly.


Stay ahead.

Accelerate your growth

Automate your payments to help you scale.

Broaden your reach

With our seamless cross-border technology.

Optimise profitability

By adding value at all stages of your foreign currency workflow.

Improve your client’s experience

Embed our payments services directly within your platform so clients can access a straight-through service without ever having to leave your site.

How it works.

Getting started with our APIs is quick and easy.

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More ways we can help.

Accounts payable

Streamline outbound payments, reduce costs, and eliminate international banking barriers.

checkAccounts payable

Accounts receivable

Receive payments into our secure multi-currency accounts to streamline your processes and reduce costs. 

checkAccounts receivable

Mass payments

Automate multiple invoice payments, international payroll, or other large payment runs with Batchpay.

checkMass payments

Currency hedging

Tailored strategies to manage currency volatility and secure your cash flow against a rapidly moving market.

checkCurrency hedging

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