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Making large international money transfers.

There are many reasons you might need to transfer a large amount of money overseas. Perhaps you’re looking to buy a property abroad. Maybe you’re purchasing a luxury item, or paying overseas tuition fees.

Whatever the reason, it’s vital that your transfer is safe and secure, and that you get an excellent exchange rate.

So, having an expert on your side to offer specialist support can make all the difference.

One account. A world of possibilities.

With 24/7 customer service on hand if you need help.


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Experts in larger transfers.

We help our customers make large transfers for all kinds of reasons, from buying and selling property to purchasing luxury goods.

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Buying property

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Luxury goods

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Foreign investments

Things to think about when sending large sums of money overseas.

Fees and exchange rates 

The better the exchange rate you receive, the more money you’ll get from your transfer. Some banks and providers charge additional fees, so be sure to review all the costs before settling on a rate. 


It’s vital you use an established, trusted company and take steps to protect yourself from fraud. Whoever you choose to work with, make sure they’re authorised by the FCA in the UK and relevant bodies elsewhere.


To make sure your transfer is on time, ask how long it’s likely to take. It’s best to plan ahead and find out if there’s anything you need to do, such as submit documentation, to make sure things go smoothly.


The currency market is always moving, so finding the right time to transfer can have a big impact on your money. Ask us about the different products and services available to help you time your transfers.


A transfer to a higher-risk country could mean the transaction takes longer due to more robust safeguarding measures. Additionally, banks in some countries charge receiving fees for large sums so it’s best to check before you transfer.


You’ll have to provide a photo ID when opening a new account with a bank or currency provider. With large transfers you’ll also need to provide evidence of the source of funds, such as a bank statement or investment certificate.  


The reason for your transfer could impact how and when you choose to send your money. It’s worth getting in touch with us to talk through your needs and the options available so we can find the right solution for you. 

Transfer limits

Unlike some FX providers, we don’t limit how much money you can send or receive. However, your bank may have its own daily transfer limit. If so, talk to your bank and see if they can increase the limit.

Choosing a money transfer provider.

When you’re picking a transfer provider, there are two main options. You can opt for a high-street bank or go with a specialist money transfer company. 

Transferring with your bank 

While many people choose to make large transfers through their banks, this isn’t always the best option.

Banks often work on higher margins than currency specialists, meaning you could get a better deal elsewhere. And they tend to offer a limited range of services, making it harder to time your transfer for when the market is in your favour.

Using a specialist FX provider 

It’s often better to use a money transfer provider for sending large sums, as they may get you a much better deal.

Currency providers tend to offer more competitive exchange rates than banks so you get more from your money. They’re also better placed to guide you through the process, offering a wider range of services and personal support.

Working with us.

At Currencies Direct, sending money overseas is our specialty.

Trust and transparency

Established in 1996, we were one of the first money transfer providers in Europe, and we’ve been helping people and businesses save money on their overseas transfers ever since.

We offer highly competitive exchange rates and we don’t charge transfer fees. There are no hidden costs or charges; once you’ve agreed a rate, that’s what you’ll get.

Transactions with us are swift and secure. We’re authorised by the FCA in the UK and by the Bank of Spain in the EU. And you can easily track transactions through your online account.

Personal account management

The thing that really sets us apart is our personalised approach, which is particularly important for larger transfers.

As a Currencies Direct customer, you’ll have your own account manager. Their role is to understand your needs and use their currency exchange expertise to help you get the best deal.

They’re also on hand to provide guidance and support if you ever have any questions or concerns, and they’re always happy to help.

How it works.

Sending money abroad should be simple. With us it is.

Create an account

Online, via our app or over the phone – it only takes a few minutes.

Agree your rate

We'll help you pick the right time to move your money so you secure a great rate.

Send us the money

Via bank transfer, debit card or your wallet balance.

We’ll do the rest

We'll get the currency where it needs to be swiftly and securely.

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Exchange rates and fees.

We always try to get you the best exchange rate possible. And the larger the transfer, the better the rate we can offer.

How exchange rates and fees work

Banks and FX providers buy and sell currency at what’s called the ‘interbank rate’. This is a lower exchange rate that isn’t available to individuals or businesses – the bank or provider will always charge a margin on top of the interbank rate.

Banks tend to operate on higher margins than currency providers, so they’ll often charge more in total for a currency transfer.

It’s also important to note that some providers advertise the interbank rate, only to add on a transfer fee at a later stage, so be wary of that.

Our exchange rates

With Currencies Direct, everything is transparent. We charge a small margin on the interbank rate and show you exactly what you’ll get upfront.

When you agree an exchange rate with us, that’s the amount you’ll receive. There are no additional transfer fees or hidden charges.

The more money you transfer in one go, the better the exchange rate you receive as we’re able to take a smaller margin and offer a stronger rate.

Timing your large transfer.

When sending large sums overseas, timing the market right can make all the difference. That’s why we work hard to help you find the best time to transfer.

Fix a rate

Fix the exchange rate in advance and protect your future transfer from negative market movements. 

Limit orders 

Target an exchange rate higher than the current level. Your transfer will trigger automatically when the rate is hit. 

Rate alerts

If you set a rate alert, you’ll receive an instant notification when the market moves to your target rate.  

Buy currency in advance 

Exchange currencies while the rate is strong and hold it in our digital wallets until you need it. 

Updates and insights

Sign up for daily insights from our currency analysts, keeping you up to date with the latest market movements. 

Check live rates

View live exchange rates anytime, anywhere, with the Currencies Direct app. 


Customer stories

Securing luxury cars at auctions around the world.

“I’ve used Currencies Direct for over 10yrs and they’re exceptional. I work with discerning clients, buying luxury cars all over the world, and I can honestly say the currency transfer is the easiest bit!”

See why customers choose us for their large international money transfers.

Security of funds - life ring

How we keep your funds safe.

Your security is our priority. We have measures in place to keep your funds safe, and we’re here to help you protect yourself from fraud. There are important steps you must take to protect yourself from fraudsters, including checking that your payee is genuine and that their account details are correct.

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Simplify large transfers.

Speak to an expert about your large transfer requirements today.

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Frequently asked questions.

With Currencies Direct you won’t pay any additional fees when you send money abroad. All you do is agree an exchange rate and make a transfer. We calculate the rate by adding a small margin to the wholesale exchange rate.

It’s worth noting, however, that once your money has left us other banks in the process might add fees of their own. For example, the recipient’s bank might charge a ‘receiving fee’.

Anything above £50,000 (or equivalent) is considered a large transfer and requires the support of our dedicated currency experts so must be transacted over the phone. For transfers of less than £50,000 you can use our online service and app, available 24/7. 

While you can transfer sums up to £50,000 online or through our app, you’ll need to call us to arrange a large transfer. This way, our team can help you get the best possible deal. 

No – with Currencies Direct there are no limits on how much money you send or receive.

However, your bank may limit the amount you can transfer in a day. If this is the case, you can often ask them to either permanently or temporarily increase the limit to allow a larger transfer. 

Whether or not you need to pay tax depends on many things, such as your tax residency and the reason for the transfer. For instance, you may need to pay Capital Gains Tax if you sell an overseas property.

We’re not allowed to give tax advice, so we recommend speaking to a financial advisor or the relevant tax authority.

All the currencies we offer are available for large transfers, although there may be other restrictions on some of them. It’s best to get in touch with our team if you want to check your requirement. 

We buy currencies in bulk, at wholesale rates, and sell them at retail rates. The difference is our profit. 

With larger transfers, we can offer our customers a rate much closer to the wholesale rate. 

You can track all your transactions on our website or in our app once you’ve created an account.

On the website, go to the ‘Activity’ page (you can get to it from the top menu). Under the ‘Instruction’ tab, you’ll see any transfers you’ve recently started.

In the app, go to 'Activity' from the bottom menu bar. Here you'll find your activity feed showing the status of each transfer.

This depends on where you’re sending the funds and when you get your money to us. If you have funds on account the transfer can be made same day.

If you don’t have funds on account, generally we can send money to Europe on the day you book your deal. It then takes between 24-48 hours to arrive.

For a more accurate estimate for the currency you’re sending, see our currency guides.

If we come across any issues while making the transfer, we’ll get in touch with you right away. Similarly, if you have an issue – such as the payment not arriving on time – get in touch with us and we can investigate.

Our operations team can put a trace on your money to follow its progress and work to resolve your issues. You can call us on +44 (0) 20 7847 9400 or email [email protected]

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