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Transferring money via your bank might seem to be the easiest option – but you’re likely to get caught out with poor exchange rates, unfair fees and unnecessary hassle. We’re here to provide a simple alternative.

How we compare to the banks

See how much you could save transferring money abroad with us opposed to your high-street bank, based on sending £10,000 to Europe.

  Rate Fee You receive
Currencies Direct
  • 1.15134
  • £0
  • €11,513
Average bank 1.12803 £9.72 €11,271

That’s an additional €242 in your overseas account.

Rates compared on 9th November 2019. When comparing our exchange rates to the banks, we use the International Money Transfer Index (an independent comparison service), so you get a verified, "real world" comparison.


Compare Currencies Direct against individual banks:

  Rate Fee You receive
Bank of Scotland 1.12345 £9.50 €11,225
Barclays bank Plc 1.12859 £15 €11,286
Halifax 1.12345 £9.50 €11,225
HSBC 1.12716 £4 €11,268
Lloyds Bank 1.12345 £9.50 €11,225
Nationwide 1.13544 £20 €11,334
Natwest 1.13223 £10 €11,312
RBS 1.13223 £10 €11,312
Santander 1.12629 £15 €11,248
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