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Case studies

Read stories from customers successfully growing their business overseas.

Saver Scandinavia

Patrik Öhman - Business Developer

Benefited from excellent exchange rates and the option to fix rates ahead of making a transfer.

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Innova Pro

Anssi Tynjala - CEO

Saving time and €25,000 a year with our services and the support of their Account Manager.

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SkyMemo Trading Limited

Karl - Managing Director

Saved €70,000 in transfer fees when repatriating sales revenue from international ecommerce sales.

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Jurij Hohlov - Account Manager

Find out how we helped Intellog - a logistics and freight forwarding company - streamline and simplify their international payments.

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Vladimir Rizov - Director

Benefited from the support of their dedicated account manager when repatriating sales revenue.

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Steve Reeve - Director

Saved thousands in transfer fees when paying international supplies.

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VHC Global

Peter van Veen, CEO

Saved over £100k in their fight to support patients infected with COVID-19.

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Mediterranean Direct Ltd

Graham Ditchfield, Managing Director

Discover how we help companies in the food and drink sector.

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Cosco Maritime UK Limited

Manoj Lekraj, Assistant Account

Saves tens of thousands a year with our services.

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Quick Cargo Service UK

Rachel Harding, Managing Director

Simple service, significant savings, invaluable support.

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Nice Pebbles Rentals

Matt Roberts, CFO

Faster, more efficient payments and tailored support

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Credit Limits International Ltd

Pierre Haincourt, Managing Director

Saved £6500 a year in international transfer fees

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CADA Design

Ashley Smith, Finance Director

Mitigating the risk of completing long-term design contracts with global clients

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Yorkshire farms

Richard Batty, Company Secretary

Easy currency transfers for thriving Yorkshire farms

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Gizmo Deals Ltd

Julius Oliveti, Managing Director

An efficient overseas payments process for Gizmo Deals Ltd

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