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Home Supporting business growth on a global scale

Supporting business growth on a global scale

Eliminate trade barriers and protect profits with straightforward international payments and risk management guidance

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International payments

Enhance your cash flow and secure global business connections with fast, secure and reliable payments. Our team of market specialists will help you to streamline payments and make the most of market conditions for a better deal.

Outgoing Payments

Make international payments in over 120 currencies. We keep it simple and deliver on time, every time

  • Online service available 24/7
  • Payments available in 120 currencies
  • Aggregated market forecasting to aid deal execution

Incoming Payments

Create new business opportunities by accepting payments from around the world with a secure currency account

  • Collect international revenues in GBP, EUR and USD
  • Segregated accounts managed from our simple online system
  • Automate repatriation payments with our AutoWIthdraw tool

Multiple Payments

Our batch payments software integrates with your accounting system for increased accuracy and efficiency

  • Simple upload from your treasury system
  • Reduced payment costs and error rates
  • Reconciliation files available online or as a download

Risk Management

Cash flow is key to your success, and if you don’t know how much an international transaction will cost you your profit margins are exposed to risk.

We pair a full suite of risk management tools with informed market knowledge and analysis, to help you react to a rapidly moving market.

Expert guidance

Our team work with your business to understand where you’re exposed to market risk. With up to the minute market knowledge and industry experience they can accurately forecast the impact of market movements on your business and develop a risk management plan matched to your objectives.

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Flexible tools

We’ve a wide range of products and our Subsidiary Currencies Direct Financial Markets (CDFM) provides a number of FX derivative options that help you to manage the cost of your international transactions. We’ll regularly evaluate the efficiency of the tools you’re using to ensure your international payments are fully optimised.

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“With some currencies we’ve set up an automatic repatriation, so when the money drops in it automatically triggers a transfer back into the UK. I don’t even have to touch it and the money’s in my account within a couple of hours”

- Martin Lea, Jac in a box

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