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Press and awards

  • Phil McHugh comments on May resignation - 25/05/2019 Download
  • Currencies Direct expands in North America - 15/05/2019 Download
  • Phil McHugh comments on rejected Brexit deal - 16/01/2019 Download
  • Brexit deal announcement impact on the pound - 11/12/2018 Download
  • Currencies Direct launches remittance with xCurrent - 11/12/2018 Download
  • Brexit resignations currency impact - 15/11/2018 Download
  • Third award triumph for Currencies Direct - 29/10/2018 Download
  • Interest rate rise August 2018 - 02/08/2018 Download
  • Currencies Direct launch e-commerce FX in India - 18/06/2018 Download
  • Currencies Direct completes successful pilot of XRP - 29/05/2018 Download
  • Phil McHugh, Senior Market Analyst: Market comments - 24/01/2018 Download
  • Exchange rates cause farmers’ subsidies to shrink - 24/01/2018 Download
  • 5 top Christmas tips for e-tailers doing business abroad - 27/11/2017 Download
  • Currencies Direct joins forces with Stoke City FC - 14/11/2017 Download
  • The Black Friday pitfall that nobody is talking about - 13/11/2017 Download

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