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Why Currencies Direct?

Whether you’re buying supplies from abroad, or looking to expand into far-flung places, we can save your business time, money and hassle.

Four steps to success

Identify risk

We identify the risks you face from currency movement and how it could affect your cashflow.

Set objectives

We apply our market outlook across your business to agree where we can reduce risks and add value.

Develop strategy

Our industry experts select the right tools to achieve your objectives and protect your profit.

Execute plan

We set you going and help you stay on track – sharing market insights and keeping a close eye on performance.

Plan for prosperity

You’ve fixed your overheads, forecast revenue, got sign-off from your board or your shareholders. Then exchange rate movements knock you sideways.

We help you reduce risk and uncertainty, so you can plan ahead and protect your profits.

Expert risk management

Our currency experts show you where your business is exposed to risk and help you:

  • Make cashflow more predictable
  • Improve financial forecasting
  • Simplify strategic planning
  • Reduce risks
  • Protect profits
  • Strengthen global growth

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