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With automated payments, expert support, and excellent exchange rates, sending money abroad is a breeze.

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Making everyday international payments.

If you need to regularly send money internationally, perhaps to cover an overseas mortgage or transfer your pension, then it pays to work with the right provider.

We believe that regular international transfers should be simple and straightforward. That’s why we offer fully automated payments and allow you to track your transfers from one easy-to-use account.

And, by securing a strong exchange rate and avoiding transfer fees, you can make your money go further.

One account. A world of possibilities.

With 24/7 customer service on hand if you need help.


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All the features you’d expect—and more. Sign up in a few minutes and make a transfer today.


Mobile app

Check live rates and make 24/7 transfers on the go using our mobile app.


Multi-currency debit card

Spend seamlessly in over 200 countries with our multi-currency card.

Why use Currencies Direct for your everyday international payments?

We’ve been helping people save time and money on their international transfers since 1996.

Fixed exchange rates 

Secure an exchange rate for up to 12 months, protecting you from currency volatility and helping you budget with certainty. 

Reliable transfers 

We’ll get your money where it needs to be safely and swiftly, and you can track your transactions online 24/7. 

Get the rate you want 

We offer highly competitive exchange rates, and you can also set up rate alerts so that you never miss the right rate. 

No transfer fees 

Transfer fees can quickly add up if you’re making regular payments. With us there are no transfer fees or hidden charges. 

Personalised support 

Benefit from having your own dedicated account manager—a friendly currency expert on hand to provide guidance and support. 

How to set up a payment.

Setting up a payment is simple, and can be done in minutes—you can do this through our app, online or via phone.

Create an account

Online, via our app or over the phone—it only takes a few minutes.

Arrange your transfer

Choose a payment date and frequency (monthly or quarterly).

Set up your payment

Arrange a Direct Debit or choose to pay by debit card. 

We’ll do the rest

We'll get the currency where it needs to be swiftly and securely.

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Why you might need to make everyday transfers.

From moving abroad or working overseas to repatriating investment income, there are many reasons why you might need to send money internationally. 


Property bills


Rental income


Working overseas


Education expenses

Tax refunds cropped

Tax refunds


Foreign investments

See why customers choose us for their everyday international money transfers.

Security of funds - life ring

How we keep your funds safe.

Your security is our priority. We have measures in place to keep your funds safe, and we’re here to help you protect yourself from fraud. There are important steps you must take to protect yourself from fraudsters, including checking that your payee is genuine and that their account details are correct.

checkSecurity of funds

Simplify everyday transfers

Speak to an expert about your everyday transfer requirements today.

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Frequently asked questions.

Just fill out our registration form. It only takes a few minutes. Or call us on 1 (855) 207-3503 (9am – 5pm EST Mon – Fri).

Yes. We’d be happy to hear from you. Call us on 1 (855) 207-3503 (9am – 5pm EST Mon – Fri) or email [email protected].

Zero. We don't charge transfer fees. 

You need an account to use our services. It’s free and only takes a few minutes to set up. Log in to check live exchange rates, set rate alerts, get regular market updates and support from currency experts.

You don’t have to use us to transfer money, but if you ever want to we’ll be ready to help—24/7.

There are regulations in the US that help protect your money and keep people, and financial businesses, safe from fraud. As part of these requirements, you may be asked to provide documents that prove your identity and/or your address. We store your date securely and we’ll never share it with anyone.

Occasionally we may ask for further details, but we’ll let you know as soon as possible if that’s the case.

We’ve been helping individuals and businesses save time and money on their international currency transfers since 1996.

We’re registered as a Money Services Business at federal level with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) a bureau of the U.S. Department of Treasury. Currencies Direct Inc. is also licensed as a Money Transmitter in many US states. Find out more.

Whatever works for you—app, online, or talking to one of our experts over the phone. And you can pay for your transfer by bank transfer or debit card. 

Yes, we’ll send you a confirmation email as soon as the currency has been sent.

No. Our contracts are legally binding. Once you’ve confirmed your transfer (by phone, in branch, online or via our app) it can no longer be cancelled.

Take a look at our terms and conditions for more information.

The rate you'll typically see when you do a general search is the ‘interbank rate'—the wholesale rate at which banks, and major financial institutions, buy and sell currency. This isn't available to companies or individuals.

At Currencies Direct we buy currency in bulk at wholesale rates and pass the savings to our customers.

The exchange rate changes every few seconds, but once we agree a rate with you that's the rate you'll get. 

You’ll agree the exchange rate in the app, online, or with your account manager. You’ll be asked to confirm if you’re happy to go ahead with that rate. Once you’ve committed to that rate it is fixed for you, no matter how much the market changes.

We buy currency in bulk at wholesale rates not available to companies or individuals. We add a small margin before selling the currency on at rates that are typically more competitive than the banks. 

Yes. Not only do we have offices all over the world, we can certainly help you cash your US dollar check from overseas, reach out to us at [email protected].