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What is FIRPTA?

When selling your US property as a foreign national it is important to understand Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act, also known as FIRPTA.

This act is a US tax withholding of 15% of the property sale value that is sent to the IRS to ensure that all tax obligations are filled by the foreign seller of property.

The seller can retrieve the funds through their annual tax filing.

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Everything you need to know about FIRPTA

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The USA PATRIOT Act prevents US banks from allowing those not physically present in the USA from accessing their funds, which can lead to significant delays and complications when receiving your property proceeds and tax refunds.

With our Local Currency Account you can access your funds with ease and transfer to over 120+ countries with no transfer fees and competitive rates.

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Why Currencies Direct for your FIRPTA claim.

Direct deposit

Use our multi-currency account to avoid getting a US dollar check and get your funds from the IRS faster.

Expert partners

We work with the leading FIRPTA specialists across the US to provide a seamless experience.

No transfer fees

Convert your US dollar refund into your local currency at great exchange rates with no transfer fees.

World-class service

Award-winning customer service from our expert account management team.


Hello, direct deposit.

During your annual tax filing, you can claim your 15% FIRPTA withholding.

Rather than struggling to find a place to cash a US dollar check overseas, with our local currency accounts you can receive your refund as a direct deposit from the IRS.

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How it works

Simply talk to us and we’ll guide you through the rest.

Sell your US property

US property is sold by foreign national.

Buyer remits 15% to IRS

At closing buyer sends 15% withholding to the IRS.

Annual tax filing

Seller completes annual tax filing.

IRS issues refund

Seller receives funds.

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FIRPTA transactions, made easy

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