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Managing a business is complicated, but protecting your payments from currency risk shouldn’t be.

  • Manage risk Currency volatility can eat into profits and create uncertainty. With a tailored risk management strategy, you can plan ahead with confidence.
  • Maximise opportunities Exchange rate movements also create opportunities. With us you’ll benefit from expert currency insights and highly competitive rates, helping you to optimise your cash flows.
  • Improve efficiency Our specialist services and market-leading online service eliminate hassle, speed up payments and give your business more control. Additionally, you’ll benefit from exceptional exchange rates and no fees.

Supporting your company’s international growth

The last few years have demonstrated just how volatile the currency market can be, but our specialist services can help your business weather any storm.

  • Spot contracts Perfect for making a one-off payment at the current exchange rate. Once you’ve secured an exchange rate your transfer will be conducted at that rate regardless of market movement.
  • Forward contract Fix the exchange rate for up to a year ahead. Your transfer will take place at the rate secured regardless of where the market moves in the meantime.
  • Limit order Set the rate you want to achieve and your transfer is triggered automatically if the market moves to that level. When you set a limit order you are committing to purchasing the currency at the pre-agreed rate.
  • Multi-currency wallets Manage multiple currencies from one online account without the hassle of opening overseas bank accounts. Send and receive currency from your digital wallets and buy currency in advance.
  • Batch payments This service is perfect for businesses making several payments at a time. With revolutionary pre-validation technology and intelligent routing our batch payments system improves accuracy, reduces errors and increases efficiency.
  • Rate alerts Let us know the rate you want to achieve and we’ll let you know by text or email as soon as the market moves to that level.

How we’ve helped businesses like yours

Innova Pro

€25,000 per year better off thanks to our services.

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Smart Fan SL

Made significant savings compared with using their bank.

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Indonesia en tus Manos S.L

Faster payment processing and reduced operational costs.

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Authorised in the EU

After Brexit, UK entities had to obtain a new authorisation to operate in Spain and, under the current legislation, cannot do so without being authorised by a European regulator like the Bank of Spain. Please see our Compliance and Regulatory Guidance FAQs for more information.

We’re authorised by the Bank of Spain as an Electronic Money Institution (Registration no. 6716) in the EU, and by the FCA (FRN 900669) in the UK.

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