Buying or selling property in Spain? Discover security, simplicity & serious savings with PropertyPay

Currencies Direct May 2nd 2024 - 2 minute read

If you’re buying or selling a property in Spain, you’ll find that managing international payments for property completions can be complex, involving multiple parties and intricate procedures.

That’s why we developed PropertyPay – a bespoke service which revolutionises property completions by eliminating the need for bank visits and streamlining the end-to-end payments process.

PropertyPay is a free, secure and 100% digital service, offering instant fund guarantees and disbursements* between buyers and sellers – unlike conventional methods that can take many days to obtain cleared funds – and many other benefits besides.

Here’s what Maggie had to say about her experience of using PropertyPay:

‘Having recently purchased an investment property, I was delighted with the new purchasing process offered by Currencies Direct. Not having to pay to raise a bankers draft saved both myself and the vendor money. Just being able to put the funds into my Currencies Direct wallet and transfer it directly to the vendors Currencies Direct wallet at the time of signing, made things so simple. The vendor received his money within 15 minutes! With the increase in cybercrime, I felt this was a very safe way of moving money, rather than having to transfer the funds to my lawyer who then forwards it on again. Would highly recommend this service.’

How PropertyPay revolutionises property completions:

  • Avoid hefty fees: PropertyPay is entirely free, helping buyers avoid costly fees associated with banker’s drafts and Order to Move Funds (OMF) transfers.
  • Instant fund transfers*: Unlike conventional methods that can take days to obtain cleared funds, our solution offers instant fund guarantees and disbursements between buyers and sellers.
  • Direct transfers: Funds are kept solely in client accounts, enabling direct transfers from buyer to seller without the involvement of third parties like lawyers or estate agents or notaries.
  • 100% digital service: Enjoy a streamlined, secure solution with no physical paperwork, bank visits, or unnecessary delays.
  • Stay in control: If the property transaction fails to go ahead for any reason, your funds will stay safely in your Currencies Direct account for you to manage as and when you need to.
  • Local bank accounts: Benefit from having local bank accounts, eliminating the need for international transfers and associated fees.
  • Make your transfer at the right rate: Take advantage of favourable exchange rates by buying funds currency when the rate is right and holding it in a secure digital wallet until needed. You can also fix or target an exchange rate to suit your preferences.
  • 24/7 support: Use your online account or our app to make swift, secure transfers, track payments, and view transaction history. Your personal Account Manager is also available whenever you need assistance.
  • Spend like a local: At Currencies Direct we also offer a multi-currency debit card, allowing you to spend seamlessly at home or in Spain.

If you’re buying or selling property in Spain, PropertyPay offers a comprehensive solution that combines security, simplicity, and substantial savings.

Navigate the property process with confidence and make your money go further.

Pop into your local Currencies Direct branch to find out more, or email

*The transfer of funds between buyer and seller can be instant if both have an account with Currencies Direct Spain, E.D.E., S.L.

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