Monthly Wrap: Four European towns that will pay you to move there

Megan Bray September 30th 2022 - 3 minute read

A significant increase in remote work opportunities has given rise to a legion of new digital nomads in our post-Covid world and some rural towns in Europe see this as a perfect chance to revive their fortunes.

A number of European locations are offering financial incentives for people to move to their depleted towns. In addition to the rise of specific digital nomad visas, catering for those location-independent workers, many countries are looking to remote workers to help repopulate the towns and to reinvigorate their struggling, local economies.

The following is a list of four European towns that will pay you to move there.

Calabria, Italy

The region of Calabria, located in southern Italy, forms the ‘toe’ of Italy’s boot-shape peninsula. Year-round sunshine, surrounded by pristine coastline divided by dramatic and rugged mountains, it might be hard to see why anyone would leave Calabria. But sure enough, several villages located throughout the region have seen huge declines in their populations and are in desperate need of a revival.

The requirements are that you must be under 40 and must start a small business or by filling existing professional vacancies. However, with that you can expect to receive up to €28,000 over a maximum of three years, all for the privilege of living in a serene and beautiful Italian coastal town. With over 75% of Calabrian towns having less than 5000 residents, there are plenty of options for you to choose your new Mediterranean life.

Ponga, Spain

Much like many parts of Spain, inhabitants of rural villages tend to leave for bigger towns and cities in search of work. Decades of such exoduses have left these idyllic and quiet towns devoid of a healthy population and instead, a shrinking local economy.

With Spain set to introduce a digital nomad visa soon, joining 24 other regions around the world, the prospect of Ponga being your new home could well be a reality. The quiet and idyllic town in the Asturias region in northern Spain, Ponga offers beautiful landscapes and close proximity to the coast, along with several stunning national parks.

Albinen, Switzerland

A quintessential Swiss village, perched amid the Swiss Alps, flanked by rolling meadows and snow-capped mountains, with a population of just 240. Skiing in the winter, and hiking trail and biking routes in the summer, the village of Albinen boasts an equally idyllic lifestyle.

The Swiss government is offering those under the age of 45 €23,000 to relocate, and if you have children; €9,230 per child. But the caveat to being paid to move to such a beautiful part of the world is the strict requirements imposed by the Swiss government. Part of the deal is you will have to commit at least 10 years to live in Albinen, with expectations of building or buying a house worth at least €208,000.

Island of Antikythera, Greece

An idyllic island with a population of 20, located on the edge of the Aegean Sea, the 20km Greek island sits between Crete and Peloponnese. Turquoise shores and golden sand beaches surround the quaint harbour villages, all steeped in history. The world’s oldest analogue computer, known as the Antikythera Mechanism, used to predict astronomical positions, was discovered on the island.

To combat the ever-dwindling population, the Greek Orthodox Church are looking to sponsor select families to relocate. Despite a preference for Greek citizens, anyone is welcome to apply. Upon selection, you will be given a house, land, and €500 a month for the first three years. A distinct lack of tourism, a self-sustaining island with its own water source and power plant, the island of Antikythera might just be the perfect island escape.

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