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Maximise ecommerce sales for Mother’s Day 2021 during lockdown

Currencies Direct February 26th 2021 - 3 minute read

Mother’s Day is fast approaching for UK consumers and online sellers, Sunday the 14th of March to be exact, and with many people unable to see their families as the UK lockdown carries on, buying and sending gifts to their loved ones is the closest they’ll get to seeing them this year.
Many consumers are expected to make more of an effort for Mother’s Day this year, as they missed out last year at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
This Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for online sellers to capitalise on the lockdown-driven ecommerce boom, grow sales, and gain new customers.
With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you make the most of the multi-million pound retail event.

Speedy shipping

As always Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, which can be a pain for all those ‘last minute’ shoppers (there are a lot of them!). Depending on your product, you may choose to provide a second or first-class postal service, but it may be worth looking into a next day courier service to allow your cut-off date for orders to be later.
Of course charging a higher fee for a next day delivery may put some customers off, but for the most part many will not want to disappoint their mums and happily pay that fee and beyond.
If you do offer a next day delivery option, make sure you communicate delivery times and cut-off dates clearly on landing and product pages to help convert those last-minute shoppers.

Here’s a discount, for not forgetting

Now we have dealt with the late shoppers, what about the early ones? Those who are prepared and know what they want and when they want it.
Offering ‘early bird’ discounts and marketing promotions across your store will not only entice customers to order sooner rather than later, but also show customers they are getting a great deal just for ordering from your site.
You could also introduce a discount for new customers to drive sign ups to your mailing list or other marketing channels as a reward, allowing you to reach a new audience, in turn increasing sales and returning customers.

Mother’s Day isn’t just for mothers

In 2021, Mother’s Day isn’t just aimed at mothers, and it hasn’t for a few years now. Consumers buy for grandmas, mothers-in-law, aunties and even for those ‘like a mum’.
It is important to be mindful that your products can be aimed at all of those who are celebrated on Mother’s Day, and that those buying your products could be husbands, wives, in-laws, grandparents, and friends.
If you can organise your products into categories that better appeal to your target audiences, for example having specific products for grandmas, you’ll reach a bigger audience who may be searching for that perfect gift they haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

Make it personal

Personalisation in products is a big money-maker, and can set your business apart from others. Whether it be a message handwritten to go with gift-wrap, or an option to add a name or nickname to your products for that extra sentimental touch. Personalised products make consumers believe that you genuinely put care into their gifts which will be loved by their family members.

Promotion and marketing

No retail holiday is done without the right amount of promotion and marketing. Whether that is done through social media channels, email marketing or even just changing banners on your ecommerce platform.
Creating Mother’s Day gift guides are a great way to put your strongest products in the spotlight and driving traffic to your best-performing landing pages for conversions.
Making your social media engagement emotive (everyone loves their mum) and encouraging user generated content will boost website traffic and earn consumer trust. Running a campaign where followers share the best things about their mum are an effective low-cost way to showcase your brand and products.
As the day draws nearer, think about increasing your advertising presence and spend to catch those last-minute shoppers. Upping your social and PPC spend in the week before Mother’s Day could catch online shoppers eager to make sure their mum gets a gift.

Keep it caring

When it comes down to the basics, Mother’s Day is a day for appreciating those we see as mother figures in our lives. It is important to remember that no matter the gift, no matter the price, the thing that matters most on these days is the thought.
So with a large part of the UK being away from their mothers and mother figures in 2021, your business and product can make the thought feel like togetherness and home.

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