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Currencies Direct January 19th 2021 - 3 minute read

Following its colossal growth in 2020, and given the state of the brick-and-mortar retail sector, more and more retailers are now turning to Amazon to transition to ecommerce.

However, selling on Amazon isn’t always an exact science, especially like everything else in our online world, things are always evolving quickly and what may have worked one day may not necessarily be the best solution tomorrow.

If you are new to FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) or are looking to transition your part-time FBA gig into a full-time job, check out these blogs for the latest tips on how to make your time on the Amazon marketplace a success.

Full-Time FBA

Created by Stephen & Rebecca Smotherman back in 2011, the Full-Time FBA blog is a great resource for those looking to turn their Amazon FBA side hustle into a, well, full-time FBA job.

The blog provides written articles and videos that are well detailed, topical and on point.

The site itself is organised into easily navigable sections, even including a starter section for those just dipping their toes into Amazon selling.

Tips that can be found on Full-Time FBA include things like product sourcing, pricing and repricing strategies, scaling your Amazon business, and everything in-between.

To top it off, Stephen Smotherman even hosts a podcast dedicated to FBA.

The Selling Family

Another great blog for Amazon FBA sellers to check out is The Selling Family blog, run by the husband-wife-son team, Jessica, Cliff, and Aiden Larrews.

With more than a decade of experience, this family-run blog is frequently updated to ensure that its followers are some of the first to learn about any updates to Amazon’s FBA programme and how it could impact sellers.

This family isn’t afraid to tackle some of the trickier subjects of FBA either, with the blog covering subjects such as how to claim earnings for damaged inventory, and what you need to know about backordered FBA inventory.

The Selling Family blog also host their own Amazon Bootcamp Training Course, which is a great place to onboard FBA for aspiring sellers.

Money Nomad

Money Nomad is an ecommerce blog created by Zach Zorn, and while not focused solely on Amazon FBA, is still a great resource for sharpening your entrepreneurial skills.

In addition to tips on private label Amazon selling, the blog also offers advice on investing in online opportunities as well as how to be financially independent. Often vital skills for those seeking to launch an ecommerce business.

The Money Nomad blog also has a popular section in which Zorn reviews Amazon seller tools to give you an idea on the tools worth investing in to help grow your FBA business, and those to avoid.

Jungle Scout

In addition to creating the hugely popular all-in-one Jungle Scout Amazon Product Research Tool, Greg Mercer and his friend Lenny Smith also host a blog which is regarded as one of the most trusted online sources for all things Amazon.

Topics covered by the Jungle Scout blog include: importing & international shipping, product marketing, and case studies, which offer actionable strategies that you can implement into your FBA business immediately.

Furthermore, the Jungle Scout blog also hosts a range of e-books, podcasts and webinars, giving you a range of different ways to process the wealth of information available to you.


While Tamebay was initially aimed at eBay sellers, the blog has since expanded its scope to additional marketplaces including Amazon.

With founders Chris Dawson and Dan Wilson updating the Tamebay blog once a day, it is a great source for all the latest news about Amazon and other online marketplaces.

The broad scope of its coverage also makes Tamebay ideal for those looking to gain a greater understanding of how things work in the world of ecommerce.

In addition to the great blog posts, Tamebay also hosts online events, which are a great place to network with other sellers.

Each of these blogs offer something a little different to its audience so it is certainty worth checking them all out, and these are just the popular ones. There are plenty of other great blogs out there with even more great nuggets of knowledge.

Remember that just reading these blogs isn’t enough, you have to be willing to put this knowledge into practice and be willing to experiment for what works best for you.

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