Top 5 e-commerce podcasts to unleash creativity and confidence in your business

Currencies Direct November 27th 2020 - 4 minute read

Setting up an e-commerce business is hard, but continuing to develop and evolve that business can be even harder.

Where do you start when the internet is saturated with information which might not even be relevant to your niche or useful for your business?

You could spend hours upon hours reading thousands of blog posts and come away with one idea that could be translated into your business model – or you could turn to podcasts.

The popularity of podcasts has grown considerably, as has the variety of podcasts available. From true crime to sports there really is something for everyone.

E-commerce podcasts allow you to multitask and provide digestible information with less concentration, and essential knowledge from industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and even those starting out with online selling. They allow you to listen, learn, and grow while you’re making lunch, taking the dog for a walk or even when working on your business.

Some e-commerce podcasts are in-depth and information-heavy, whereas others are more conversational light-bites. Here at Currencies Direct we’ve put together our pick of what we feel are 5 e-commerce podcasts which provide information and inspiration to drive your business forward.

Brave Commerce

Brave Commerce is hosted by MikMak (a marketing e-commerce platform) Founder & CEO Rachel Tipograph and Profitero’s (a global eCommerce SaaS analytics company) President Sarah Hofstetter, so you’ll be in safe hands.

With thirty years of experience between the hosts, Brave Commerce is effectively a TedTalk you can enjoy anywhere.

The podcast features special guests from numerous different sectors (Hershey’s, Kraft-Heinz and e.l.f to name a few) and the hosts share tips and tricks to help you navigate the latest consumer markets and trends.
Recommended episode: The art of storytelling and margarita making with Patrón’s Adrian Parker.

Commerce Tea

This relatively new e-commerce podcast launched during lockdown and is hosted by founder and CEO of The Taproom Kelly Vaughn and Rhian Beutler, co-founder of Venntov.

Commerce Tea is aimed at those who use Shopify as their sales platform of choice, and those who are new to the e-commerce sector. The podcast focuses on a range of subjects, from an introduction to SEO to understanding why sustainability matters in your business.

Recommended episode: Running a side hustle on Shopify.

Unrolling E-Commerce

The short, sharp podcast episodes of Unrolling E-Commerce are provided by digital and growth marketing platform AdRoll for those with ‘ambitious brands.’

The episodes span from 12 to 29 minutes, so they’re quick but informative and aim to allow their listeners to hear tips and stories from a number of different entrepreneurs. The podcast understands that every business is different, but their variety of episodes means there’s something to suit everyone.

Recommended episode: How ambitious brands get their start: Inspiring founder stories.

eCommerce Masterplan

This podcast, hosted by founder Chloë Thomas, is listened to by over 500,000 people and provides exactly what its title would lead you to expect. The weekly podcast is built on interviews with different business figures and focuses on inspiration, advice and reassurance.

eCommerce Masterplan taps into the thoughts of people from across the world, from the owner of a local small business in Australia, to the chief curator of Saatchi Art.

Recommended episode: How to grow a new store fast with Google Ads and SEO with Joe & Mike Brusca

The Fizzle Show Podcast

Fizzle’s mission, as stated on their website, is ‘to help you earn a living doing something you love,’ and their podcast reflects this. The show, which has released a weekly episode since 2013, isn’t primarily focused on e-commerce but does cover some extremely relevant topics, from productivity to content marketing and work-life balance.

The show markets itself as helping people start and develop business ideas that may ‘fizzle out,’ and there are over 300 episodes to choose from.

Fizzle also provides different tools to help build your business for around £30 a month – although the podcast is free.

Recommended episode: How to Start A Business Without A Passion w/ Ramit Sethi

All of these podcasts are well worth checking out if you want to give your e-commerce business a boost in 2021.

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