How can daily payments help you grow on Amazon?

Currencies Direct September 27th 2019 - 2 minute read

If you’re selling on Amazon, read on to find out how our partners Storfund can help you grow your business.

Amazon’s payment terms vary. Some sellers receive their proceeds every two weeks while others can access their Amazon balance daily. Sellers enrolled to Amazon business receive their balances monthly.

To top it all off, Amazon might not even settle the total balance on the scheduled payment day – be it daily, fortnightly or monthly – and a great number of sellers end up with unavailable balances that are carried over to subsequent payment periods.

Receiving your total balance daily, irrespective of Amazon’s actions, means that you can focus on growing your business and worry less about cash flow.

Restock successful ASINs faster

Daily payments for your total Amazon balance will allow you to not only order in time, but to restock successful products and achieve higher growth rates. Not having the capital to fulfill existing demand is one of the reasons sellers fail to succeed on Amazon.

Eliminate periodic liquidity crunches

Sellers who are already on a high growth trajectory have increasing amounts of money tied in inventory and in unavailable balances with Amazon. When the time comes to pay for stock the sellers are short of cash and need to wait until Amazon pays out in full. Having your stock languishing in some transit warehouse until you settle with your supplier can cost you more in fees but can also hurt your standing in the Amazon marketplace.  

Get discounts from suppliers

Daily payments mean predictable cash flow. Sellers know that they’ll receive their total daily Amazon balance at the end of business and can start thinking on how to put that extra liquidity to work.
Negotiating better prices from their suppliers is a smart way to transfer the cost of a daily payments service further up the value chain. Most suppliers will be eager to offer you a discount to receive their money a few weeks earlier.

Success of Storfund customers on Amazon

Storfund provides sellers same or next day access to their total Amazon balances (available and unavailable). Daily payments from Storfund enables sellers to restock faster, stay in the Buy Box, eliminate liquidity crunches and get better prices from suppliers.

Storfund works in conjunction with Currencies Direct and covers 10 Amazon marketplaces. Companies incorporated in the European Economic Area, the US, and Canada can all enroll to the service.

If you would like more information please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7847 9400 or contact Costas Anastassiadis, Storfund Head of Business Development on

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