Webinar: The Christmas countdown: Your peak selling action plan

Currencies Direct June 28th 2018 - 2 minute read

Now the sun’s finally started shining it’s hard to believe that Christmas will soon be upon us… but the festive shopping season will be kicking off in just a few months’ time, and it’s never too early to get prepared.
To help you best capitalise on the increased trade over the holiday period, we’ll be partnering with Webinterpret to deliver a webinar full of tips and tricks.


Why you should be getting ready for Santa in summer…

For many online sellers in the UK, a significant portion of their annual income is accrued in just three months of the year.
For instance, over a third of toy sales take place in the run up to Christmas, with around 40% of purchases taking place online.
The sales you make at this critical time will not only impact your bottom line for the year, but also impact the amount of capital you’ll be able to reinvest the following year.
Ensuring that you have plans in place to manage the surge in activity during the Christmas period is therefore paramount to the continued success of your business.
To help you stay a cut above the competition, begin your planning now with help from our Christmas countdown webinar.  
Join us for our webinar on Thursday, 26th July, 10:30 AM until 11:30 AM BST.
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We’re delivering a stocking full of sales tips

Our webinar will provide you with a sled load of advanced ecommerce tips and advice to help you maximise your potential business over the festive period.
Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things we’ll be covering…

  • Key sales dates for 2018/19 – Learn more about when you can expect a spike in sales and how to timetable deliveries to ensure your customers aren’t left disappointed at Christmas.
  • How to increase sales in international markets – Find out more about the nuances of the international market and how it can differ from selling domestically.
  • Effective international pricing and promotions – We’ll cover different price expectations for international customers and how currency movements can impact your bottom line.
  • Managing cash flow during the festive frenzy – Learn how to maximise your profits over the Christmas period by managing your money effectively and protecting yourself from unfavourable shifts in the currency market.

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