Johnson believes in good deal to access the single market

Currencies Direct October 14th 2016 - < 1 minute read

After a steady flow of positive data in the UK, former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, suggested anti-Brexit campaigners have got it wrong. Standing in front of a select Foreign Affairs committee, he said that the EU would be wrong to ‘punish’ the UK for leaving, also commenting that Brits will still drink champagne and be the biggest importer of German cars than any other.
It’s his belief that the UK will get a good deal regarding access to the single market, whilst gaining freer access to the global market.
Landlords to absorb growing tax rates
There’s good news for rent payers, as the rate of rent increase grew at its slowest pace in September this year, thanks to the decision of landlords to absorb the growing tax rates rather than pass them onto already high-paying renters. With a tax reduction in buy to let properties expected in April 2017, landlords seem to have decided to let the slight increase slide, keeping tenants happier as new contracts currently average just over £900 per month. In London, the cost actually fell 0.8% which will no doubt be good news for those looking to move in the city.
Janet Yellen rounds up the week at Boston conference
After a thin day of data yesterday and slight GBP fightback, today’s US Advanced Retail Sales & the University of Michigan Confidence report are the key pieces of data available, whilst Janet Yellen finalises the weeks trading with a conference in Boston.


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