Spain cost of living index reveals big regional variations

Currencies Direct February 23rd 2016 - < 1 minute read

Spain appeals to Britons on many levels but the cheap cost of living relative to the UK has always been a major draw.

But new research from indicates that you could end up paying a lot more to live in some parts of the country than others.

Residents of Barcelona pay the most, with the cost of living nearly a third more than the national average.
San Sebastian in the north is more than a quarter (27%) higher than the rest of Spain, while Madrid is 22% above average.

A lot of the higher cost of living is down to property, as purchase prices and rents are much higher in Barcelona and San Sebastian.

For example, a flat of 80 square metres costs €328,000 in San Sebastian, versus a national average of €131,000.

To rent a similar property would cost €970.40 a month in Barcelona compared to just €332 in Lugo, Galicia.

There is also a big difference in some essentials, with a loaf of bread €1.23 in Pamplona, the most expensive, compared to just €0.30 in Lleida in Catalonia.

The cheapest city to live are Caceres in Extremadura, where combined living costs are 16% below average. The other lowest living costs can be found in Lugo (-14%), Palencia (-13%) and Jaen (-12%).

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