Bundles of joy: Your new Amazon selling strategy

Currencies Direct February 18th 2016 - 2 minute read

The dream product line for any third-party Amazon seller is in high demand, has few or no competing sellers and is certainly not being sold by Amazon. However, the reality of selling on Amazon is that there are extremely few unique products listed. This results in fierce competition for sales and forces prices down as sellers hope to achieve buy-box supremacy.  With such small margins to be made and the prospect of large volumes of unsold stock, turning a worthwhile profit can seem like an impossible task.

When done well, bundling is an easy to implement strategy that could help you list a truly unique, in-demand product that sells at a profit – so maybe dreams do come true!


Spring into action

There couldn’t be a better time to start bundling your items as Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day all present great opportunities to get your listings in front of customers on the hunt for unique and thoughtful gifts.

With the right marketing and packaging, gift bundles have the upper hand when customers are browsing the Amazon site. They simplify the shopping process for your customer and the reduced cost of delivery and packaging is a benefit to both parties.

It sounds simple but there’s a definite art to creating the perfect bundle, the products need to naturally complement each other and create an appealing set. Here are some of our top tips to get your bundles into shape:

  • Get some inspiration from the bundles already featured on Amazon and the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ box, this will give you an idea of what sells well together. Now, can you spot a gap in the market?


  • There are opportunities to bundle in all sorts of categories. Try and think in terms of themes when you are bundling your products. Is there a certain activity that you would require all the items for?


  • Marketing is key and lots of your bundles can be repurposed at different times of the year- a Valentine’s bundle with luxury beauty products can be re-labelled as the perfect Mother’s day gift after the 14th.


  • Don’t overdo it – narrow down 2-4 products that work well and don’t be tempted to add more. Customers could be put off if they don’t really need or want one or more of the items in your bundle.


  • Give your packaging some serious thought, when your customer receives their order make sure it’s the kind of experience that ends in great reviews and recommendations. It is also a chance to make your bundle unique!


  • And lastly don’t forget the listing basics – a high-quality picture and information on all of the products included. Check here for Amazon’s own guidelines to listing bundles.

Plenty of sellers are advocating bundling and sharing their success stories. It’s a great way to increase income by reducing delivery costs and avoiding pricing battles with fellow sellers. It also allows you to sell widely popular items and save time otherwise spent sourcing new lines.  

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