The new Repricerexpress Amazon software seller toolkit

Currencies Direct August 20th 2015 - 2 minute read

Our partners Repricerexpress have launched the Amazon Software Seller Toolkit – offering marketplace sellers “best in the business” ecommerce solutions to increase their sales and help their businesses grow.
Maximise your business’ potential with the best multi-channel marketplace analytics, product sourcing, and tax tools around.  Signing up to use the Toolkit gives you instant access to a great collection of special offers and free trials – all from the very best service providers across the ecommerce industry, like TerapeakProfitSourceryRepricerexpress and Currencies Direct!

Each Amazon seller who unlocks the Toolkit is now entitled to 90 days of FREE international transfers* with Currencies Direct. To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is follow the offer link on the Amazon Software Seller Toolkit and open an e-tailer Collection Account by filling out our simple online registration form.

Increase your international sales proceeds by at least 2%

If you sell overseas using one of Amazon’s international marketplaces you’ll generate revenue in foreign currency. When Amazon converts those funds into your home currency, you lose up to 4% of the total amount in foreign exchange fees and commission.

Our e-tailer Collection Accounts provide online sellers with an overseas bank account, located in the countries in which they sell, that collects sales revenue in foreign currencies directly from Amazon. We then convert funds to the seller’s home currency at half the cost of an Amazon marketplace.

Start your free trial and join the thousands of online sellers who have instantly increased their revenue from international sales by at least 2%.

More to come!
Repricerexpress will add more great companies and offers to the Toolkit over the next few months, so sign up now and give your business a great head start.

*Terms and Conditions apply please contact us for more information at


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