Speaking from experience: Hunts International

Currencies Direct June 23rd 2015 - < 1 minute read

Darral Coe, Move Manager at Hunts International, talks about his experience with us.

I would like to say how much of a joy it is to work in partnership with Currencies Direct. Our clients at Hunts International move all around the world and will indeed need to be transferring their currency to their chosen destination. This is where we can offer our clients to expertise advice and service of Currencies Direct. Once we mention what they can potentially save in comparison to the high street banks they are very interested.

It is a very stressful time for some of our clients when moving, so if Currencies Direct can make their life easier when sorting their international transfers then this is always a help. Our clients always say that they feel very confident once they have spoken with the representative from Currencies Direct and have explained the services they offer in great detail.

All in all it is a great company to work alongside and is another string to the bow. 

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