Bicicleting ‚Äď A photographic journey through Asia

Currencies Direct September 25th 2012 - 2 minute read

At the age of 21, Javier De La Varga embarked on an epic journey travelling the world, armed with his backpack and camera, Javier wanted to explore the lesser known aspects of our planet. Only there was one problem; Javier was halted in his exploration by the limitations in local public transport in remote parts of the world.

Armed with a bicycle, Javier decided he could now make the inaccessible more accessible. He initially travelled on a tour of Africa before embarking on his current tour of Asia, travelling long distances, meeting many different people along the way, taking pictures of all the locations he has visited as well as helping to raise awareness of everyday issues people face.

Javier originally planned to cycle from the Indonesian island of Java all the way back to his home country of Spain. What started off as a year-long journey quickly increased to two years and counting, with the potential to increase further. Javier is not even halfway through his journey and there may even be plans for him to cycle the world. View a map of Javier's route.

The big question is: What does Javier want to achieve? The answer can be found on his original journey to Africa, where he spent two years exploring the continent, documenting and taking pictures of conflicts. Javier wanted to extend this to Asia with the aim of educating the world about the less documented social issues prevalent in Asia today and the overall aim of his bike ride is to show the world the real problems facing people in smaller villages and remote areas.

With Javier working on positive, life-changing projects to raise awareness of issues such as mining, environmental health and child labour, Currencies Direct were only too happy to support Javier along his journey across Asia, helping him to raise awareness on these issues and make a change.

Find out more about Javier De La Varga.

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