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Retiring to Spain

Currencies Direct November 8th 2009 - 2 minute read

Every year thousands of people move to foreign countries to spend their retirement years. France, Italy and Spain come out on the top of the choices for aging retirees and millions of people choose these regions above others for the pleasant weather and lifestyle. However, many individuals, mostly Britons, these days are getting attracted to Spain for several reasons, including the sun, sand, sea, and a laid back lifestyle.

Retiring abroad is a popular trend widely accepted and considered by millions of people around the world and every year an increasing number of retirees actively search for a comfortable and quality lifestyle in order to live out their twilight years. The cost of travel and the opening of borders, especially within Europe offers retirees more options than ever before.

There are many good reasons why one would move to Spain and the predominant reason has a lot to do with the soothing weather which contributes to keeping one in better health. Its commonly known that harsh weather can be a potential hazard to human health, adversely affecting the general wellbeing of aging persons, people of colder regions like northern Europe prefer to spend their latter years in the warmer and sunnier climes of Spain.

Whether Spain or any other country, retiring abroad is a decision that should be taken after considering all aspects involved; after all you are going to invest your retirement savings and pensions to enjoy the rest of your life. Beside weather, the best part of retiring to Spain is its people, culture and the lower cost of living.

Although the prices of essential goods have seen an increase in the last couple of years due to recession, it is still much lower compared to UK and other similar countries. Even if you might find the prices of houses or apartments a bit high, you can  rent out or sell your British home (or other) to cope with the accommodation costs. Again, if you are not sure about buying a home in Spain, it’s better to try few months or a year living in a rented flat.

In any case, you have to take into account your budget, your income and net balance. It’s not a good idea to spend your whole bank balance purchasing a home in Spain and then struggle to manage with the costs of daily living. Property prices are still affordable but you should shop around and make a wise purchase. It’s suggested to visit your area of choice a few times in different parts of the year to experience the lifestyle and decide if it’s for you before moving to Spain permanently

In regards to the other aspect of Spain, the ‘quality lifestyle’; Spain offers a life full of luxury with numerous leisure activities eased by the warmth of a Mediterranean climate. In Spain you can indulge yourself in its delicious foods, friendly people, culture and festivals, while exploring new and different places.

All in all, Spain, if you are retiring, is a place where you can live a life of your own, in a relaxed way with reduced stress levels.

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