Crime rates in Marbella and Malaga fall

Currencies Direct October 20th 2009 - 2 minute read

Recently, the National Police (Policia Nacional) in a report released some encouraging figures in terms of the overall crime rate in Marbella and the Malaga province. The report stated that the police efficiency has improved this year from 32 to 38 per cent while the number of arrests made, was around 5,623 in comparison to 4,736 from the previous year.

The report also added that the general crime rate in Marbella has more positive statistics than the provincial reports, as the popular resort town has recorded a fall of crime rate by 11 percent this year while Malaga in general has been around 5.5 percent. There have been however an increase in the reports of crimes made to the police, but subsequently the competence of police in resolving many cases, counting the number of arrests has also increased significantly.

Over the years, the rising crime rate has been a major concern for both locals and expats with organised crime being a problem throughout the country. With the ever increasing population, busy market places, car thefts, vandalism, burglary, robbery and sexual assault have been listed as the highest rates of crimes. With timely law and order measures however, the level of offences have been dropping.
In 2008 a report from the Drugs and Organised Crime Unit of the National Police in Spain (UDYCO) had cited a decrease in the organised crime rate in Andalusia. Over 300 arrests were made in 2008 related to organised crime and the UDYCO police unit had reported improved efficiency with the help of new technological gadgets such as GPS navigation devices.

In the Andalucia region, whether Malaga or Marbella, local police (Policia Local) are mainly responsible for maintaining law and order and traffic in the streets. Each municipal region has its own police force in operation and work in coordination with other regional and national agencies for the greater public good.

An independent survey in 2005 stated that the top 10 crimes between 1995 and 2005 had either decreased or remained the same during a decade long period. The rate of reporting a crime to the police had also increased during this time; this increase made the police take prompt action in bringing down the increasing rate of incidences during that decade.

All in all, it is in favour of the locals and holidaymakers in Marbella and Malaga to live a safe life without having to worry about the surroundings, as the violent crime rate is not as high in these areas as it is in other areas of Spain.

Moreover, Spain has still a lowest crime rate in Europe, albeit money laundering and drug trafficking are in rise with the presence of different criminal organizations, including foreigners.

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