A Wii Addition to the office

Currencies Direct May 21st 2009 - < 1 minute read

No we haven’t turned Scottish, CD Head Office is now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii games console. How is this going to help with raising money for charity??

Well, the console is set up in a central location and everyone will be able to play at the end of the working day and during their lunch break for a cost of 10p per person per game. A bargain for everyone, that should create some healthy competition between departments and also give a much needed activity rush. I know I’m looking to improve my upper body strength and my tennis game before the Wimbledon tennis championship starts! All money raised of course will be split evenly between this months charities, Leukaemia Research, Barnardo’s and Alzheimer’s Research. Watch this space for more Wii news…

Obviously this week we will have the usual Dress Down Friday and activities that are now common place every week and we will also be conducting a sweep for The Champions League Final for the first goal scorer. More news on that next week!

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