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Try WeSwap for free with one Free Swap*

Travelling overseas? We’ve found a new, cheap and easy way to get your travel money.

Join and get one Free 7-Day Swap

Save up to 90% on your travel money

WeSwap is a free, multi-currency card that lets you spend money abroad with no transaction fees, and saves up to 90% versus bureaux de change.  Using our app, you can check your balance on the move, top up your wallet and swap your currencies, anywhere, anytime.  Easy! No fake exchange rates, no hidden fees.

Join via Currencies Direct today and we'll add a free 7-day swap on your card when you load £50 or more. That way, you can exchange money for free and see how WeSwap works!

Join and get one Free 7-Day Swap


How are WeSwap different?

What makes the service unique is that they offer customers the chance to ‘Swap’ currency with other travellers, either via their dedicated mobile app or website.

Simply load your account with the amount in GBP you’d like to exchange, select the currency you’d like to swap, and then use the free, multi-currency WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard to spend or withdraw your money. It’s that simple!

Each WeSwapper gets a WeSwap card. Load it up securely with ££ using your debit card or online account.

Choose which currency you need. We take care of swapping your money with fellow travellers. Everyone gets the fairest rate.

Your card now holds a new currency. Use your card worldwide, everywhere MasterCard® is welcome.

The service is supported by the MasterCard debit card service, and their platform allows users to swap across to 18 different currencies, saving up to 90% in comparison to the banks and bureaux-de-change services in the process.

Join and get one Free 7-Day Swap

* Terms and conditions apply, click here for more details.

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