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We love foreign exchange, and we've been around since 1996 so we know thing or two about currency markets. If you need to send or receive money overseas – for paying bills, buying a holiday home, or sending money to family – we’ll ensure you get the best deal. We know most people don’t share our obsession, they just want to move their money… so we promise to keep it simple!

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Home Money transfers for online sellers

Money transfers for online sellers

Save up to 75% when receiving foreign currency payments from marketplaces like Amazon and pay suppliers for less.

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Smarter currency conversion

We give you a simple way to manage your international payments more intelligently – whether you’re collecting currency from overseas sales or paying suppliers – helping optimise your cash flow is our focus.

Incoming sales revenue

Our segregated Collection Accounts let you collect and manage multiple currencies from overseas, through one easy-to-use online service. So, there’s no longer any need for you to set up a bank account in every country you’re selling in!

We designed this service specifically for online sellers, giving you the ability to convert funds when you decide – you can even save time with automated transfers.

Outgoing payments

We help online sellers who source their stock overseas to save time and money when it comes to paying suppliers in their local currency.

Whether you’re making a transfer right here, right now (spot payment), want to lock in today’s exchange rate for a future payment (forward contract) or you want to handle a large number of payments directly from your accounting software, we can help.

Risk management

Cash flow defines your ability to succeed as a business. If you don’t know how much a transaction will cost, your business is being exposed to risk. Our expert team provide the tools and market insight needed to protect your profits from foreign exchange movement which can be crucial if you are buying stock from an overseas supplier.

Compatible with all the largest online marketplaces

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