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Speaking from experience: The Modern Man

The Modern Man is a UK business offering a large selection of male grooming products.
Its founder, Matt Crowson, talks to us about his experience of
setting up an online business, targeting the global marketplace and how
Currencies Direct has helped him along the way


Tell us a bit about the background of the business

The company was launched back in 2009 and was initially run by just my business partner and myself. We started off by selling a selection of male grooming products for skincare, haircare and whole body care, with formulas created from some of the best-known and most-loved brands, as well as alternative ranges that provide something a little different. Today we have an international presence, employ seven full time staff members and are looking to expand our product range in beauty products for women.

What makes The Modern Man unique in the marketplace?

We are devoted to promoting and offering traditional quality British-made products and strive for perfect customer service all around the world.

What first made you expand internationally?

Although most of our customers are still UK-based, we realised there is a huge appetite for male grooming products overseas, which is what prompted us to try to sell abroad. We started with international advertising and it took off! To make it as easy as possible for our overseas customers to shop with us, we are proud to offer free international delivery. We are now looking to expand into Asia and continue to build our brand presence globally.
What was the biggest challenge you faced when going global?
The biggest obstacles were finding reliable partners to help us with logistics: mainly timely postage and delivery as well as translation of our products into different languages and providing quality customer service in foreign languages. In today’s economy, working with the best people is more important than ever. If I were to start the business again, I’d put more into investing in, and hiring, more competent and capable staff and partners much sooner.

How has Currencies Direct helped the process of selling internationally?
I knew banks were overcharging us and the fees for currency conversion were expensive, so I looked online as how could I avoid these. Thanks to discovering Currencies Direct I am able to save a significant amount each year when compared to banks.
I really value the personal service Currencies Direct offer us, I appreciate the fact that I have a direct number to speak to our dedicated dealer who is ready to answer any questions I might have and provide step-by-step guidance when it comes to currency markets. I also value the fact that Currencies Direct is constantly improving its service and what it offers.

Which product has been of the most value to your business?
The Currencies Direct online e-tailer Collection Accounts are so easy to use. I have a great overview of how many funds we have available and in what currency, and I just click a button to get the money within hours.

Would you recommend Currencies Direct to a friend?

Yes, absolutely! 

Let’s talk international payments. Our team are ready to discuss the best way for you to receive money from your global customers. Call us on +44 (0) 20 7847 9269 and, compared to online marketplaces, save up to 3% of the total sales value on exchange rates.*
*Rates as of 18 February 2015


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