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Our accounts are compatible with Cdiscount marketplace

Special offer  for Currencies Direct customers – Open a Cdiscount seller account and receive your first 3 months of listing free of subscription charges (usually €39 a month)

Cdiscount is France’s largest ecommerce site. Since its launch in 1998, it’s become known as the go-to store for discounted quality goods. As well as selling its own range of products, it gives customers the choice of millions of items sold by third-party businesses using Cdiscount’s marketplace platform.
The French ecommerce market is Europe’s third-largest, after the UK and Germany, and the sixth- largest in the world. Cdiscount has more than 11 million unique visitors a month, and now offers sellers based outside of France a fantastic opportunity to get their products in front of this huge market. 

Get your product in front of the French market using France’s biggest marketplace

If you’ve not tried selling in France before, listing on Cdiscount could be the best way to get started. The site consistently outperforms its marketplace competitors in SEO ranking for the top 25 product categories and receives more visitors than the other big ecommerce player in France –*.  Sellers who are already taking advantage of the growing ecommerce market in France, are likely to find that listing on Cdiscount is a great way of boosting sales and reaching more buyers. Diversifying the platforms you use and adopting a multichannel approach puts your product in front of a larger audience – with minimal effort required to replicate listings. 

Savings for international sellers

For third-party sellers based outside of France converting sales in euros to their home currency is a major consideration, because it affects their overall profit margins. At Currencies Direct, we have a solution that will make sure you keep more of your international profits when you convert your money. 
The partnership between Cdiscount and Currencies Direct allows third-party sellers to link their Cdiscount seller platform to an e-tailer Collection Account. The introduction of the e-tailer Collection Account means that sales revenue can be collected in euros and then converted back to the seller’s home currency, at a rate achievable only with a specialist foreign exchange provider like Currencies Direct.

If you do not have a euro account then any euro sales are automatically sent to your home bank account and the currency is converted at an exchange rate set by your receiving bank. These bank exchange rates usually include an added conversion charge of about 4-5% of the total sales value. Cdiscount has teamed up with Currencies Direct so that their sellers can avoid these expensive bank charges and take more of their sales home. Using an e-tailer Collection Account to collect the funds and do the transfer will typically cost only 1% to 2% in conversion costs – immediately boosting your profits by at least 2%. 

An exclusive offer for Currencies Direct customers

Existing customers of Currencies Direct will now benefit from three months’ free listings on Cdiscount (usually €39 a month). This is a great opportunity for sellers who are already using French marketplaces like to experience the benefit of selling on multiple channels. (Please note that this offer is available only to customers who are not already registered on Cdiscount.)
To claim the offer, register with Cdiscount and quote “Currencies Direct”’ in the box labelled “Your message” [“Votre message”]:

If you have any questions about e-tailer Collection Accounts or selling on Cdiscount, contact our friendly e-tailer team and they’ll be happy to help. Call +44 (0) 20 7847 9269 or email [email protected].
Happy selling!


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