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Best products to sell in 2019

online-sellerBest products to sell in 2019
If you’re just breaking into the world of online selling, or you’re looking to branch out, what products are set to be the most popular in 2019?


If you sell clothes in your online store, then shapewear would make a fantastic addition to your storefront. Generally worn by women to create a slimmer silhouette, there are many different forms of shapewear you could explore.
Shapewear can also be used for other purposes, such as post-pregnancy belts that provide stomach support, and if you’re going to sell maternity wear (see next item) shapewear would be a complementary offering.

Maternity wear

With maternity being a $2 billion business in the US, and with more women in work for longer periods during their pregnancy, expanding your clothing section and selling maternity wear in your online storefront could prove beneficial.
The most popular items in maternity wear are typically essential day-to-day items of clothing (casual dresses and tops etc.) that can take a lot of wear, have a bit of give and wash well.

Wireless speakers

Google trends shows that interest in wireless or Bluetooth speakers is only increasing. If your online store specialises in technology, adding wireless or Bluetooth options is definitely the way to go.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology (like smartwatches, fitness trackers, sleep monitors etc.), is hugely popular at the moment. While there are plenty of outlets selling wearable tech already, you might be able to attract potential buyers by specialising in more affordable or child-friendly options.
You could also profit from stocking the accessories that go with this tech – such as screen protectors, cases, spare watchstraps, and chargers.

Beard oil

The beard craze of a few years ago may have calmed down slightly, but there are still enough beards out there to warrant stocking beard oil.
According to Google Trends, searches for ‘beard oil’ have been growing steadily over the past five years, and this trend looks set to continue.

Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are another idea you might want to explore, as the popularity of these ‘mystery boxes’ has increased over the past few years.
Subscription boxes give you the opportunity to test run new products, and mix and match best sellers with items you find harder to shift. A subscription box is also more likely to encourage repeat business.

Posture corrector

With a large amount of people now spending huge amounts of their time sitting at a desk working, studying or using a laptop, many are facing issues with their posture and are looking for solutions.
Google Trends has shown an increase in searches for posture correctors. They help you stand straight while supporting your spinal cord, and are often recommended by physiotherapists.

Slow fashion

With people becoming increasingly conscious of the wastefulness of ‘fast fashion’, it’s no surprise people are breaking away from cheaper, throwaway items and looking for classic clothing that will last. If your passion is fashion, start looking for future-proof, durable items and get on board with this important trend.
These are just a few of the items that are likely to be flying off online shelves in 2019.
If you want to keep your Online Store relevant and up-to-date, make sure you dedicate regular time to researching what’s popular, what’s no longer in vogue and which items could be the next big thing.

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