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Which countries offer the best job opportunities for expats?

currency-newsWhich countries offer the best job opportunities for expats?
As signs begin pointing to the end of tight restrictions (hopefully!), many people will likely take the opportunity to further their careers when it’s easier to travel.

There may be no better time to boost your career prospects by moving abroad as the global economy rebounds and countries look to restart immigration and attract more skilled workers.

Cheaper living, higher quality of life, better work-life balance and climbing the career ladder are just some of the possibilities for those considering working overseas.

Here are some of the top countries that offer the best job opportunities for expats and could help you advance your career.

Canada – Eagerly seeking skilled expats

Canada frequently tops lists of the best places in the world to live and work, and it’s easy to see why. Canada has been a highly-valued destination for advancement in both lifestyle and career for some time now.

For many, a job in Canada is a good chance to boost both salary and quality of life. In skilled fields such as factory work, construction, tech, and management, expats can expect wage packages of over C$60,000 a year.

As not many people are sent on work transfers to Canada, the nation is eager to bring in more skilled expats. Highly skilled and in-demand professions can even land wages of over C$90,000 a year.

What's more, the nation’s job market has fully embraced the pandemic’s working from home boom. A recent study, Circle Loop’s Digital Nomad Index, ranked Canada as the best country in the world for remote working.

For more information you’ll need to look into Canada’s work visa, called Visa First, and the nation also offers a long visa for young people called the Canadian Working Holiday (IEC) visa.

The Netherlands – Europe's new tech hub?

Only a hop over the English Channel, the Netherlands is an increasingly common sight on quality of life and work-life balance rankings.

If its distinct Dutch architecturally stunning cities and coastal lowlands, waterways and flower fields weren’t enticing enough, the nation is also attempting to entice foreign entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

Those looking to become self-employed or start a new business need only look up the startup visa or self-employment visa schemes.

To smoothly enter the Netherlands’ job market at a high level you may need at least a Masters degree. While it’s a little harder to get a working visa here, the nation has growing IT, finance and engineering sectors ideal for growing a career. In fact, Amsterdam is becoming one of the best tech industry cities in Europe!

Amsterdam is a highly appealing and bustling capital with an average salary of around €50,000 and rental rates of around €600 a month in the city centre. Also notable is Eindhoven, another of Europe’s rapidly growing tech cities.

As with Canada, the Netherlands also ranks very highly in not just quality of life but also in remote working.

Australia – The expat haven with a diversifying job market

Even without Australia’s stunning weather, booming economy and huge expat communities, there are so many reasons people seek work in Australia.

Highly ranked for human development, good work-life balance and minimum wage, Australia is among the most appealing nations on Earth for workers.

The pandemic has shown no signs of affecting Australia’s appeal. The country has been heavily embracing working from home with more and more companies diversifying away from bigger cities, leading to economic growth in some of Australia’s quieter areas.

Both skilled and unskilled workers have great job opportunities. Those in the booming services sector can earn $50,000 a year, and management jobs can net wages that average around $160,000. Australia’s commodities industry remains healthy as well.

Lastly, if you move to Australia with your company, your expat benefits package could be as huge as $250,000 a year.

Australia has multiple working visa options, with many skill-based visas you can find a job in Australia and secure an employer-sponsored visa, or get a 12-month ‘working holiday’ visa.

Switzerland – For finance and tech careers

If there’s one country with an almost mythical reputation for quality of life and wealth, it’s Switzerland.

Known the world over as a historic centre of finance, Switzerland’s living costs are high and it frequently tops quality-of-life rankings.

Finding a career foothold may be tricky, but huge potential for career advancement and top-tier wages more than make up for that. After all, Switzerland is one of the highest-paying countries in the world.

Work visas are available for skilled and qualified workers with a degree and several years of experience. The average expat package is around $245,000 in benefits, while services professionals can earn over $90,000 a year and managers often net huge wages of $430,000 a year.

Zurich, often called the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’, is brimming with tech businesses and startups. It’s even where Disney bases its European headquarters.

Luxembourg – Enjoy Europe on high wages

The final country we’ve selected may have escaped some people’s attention but Luxembourg is actually one of Europe’s most noteworthy international financial hubs.

Luxembourg is a fairly small country characterised by forests, mountains, with a rich architectural history and modern cutting-edge buildings. The nation has three official languages, with English also being commonly spoken in the capital of Luxembourg City.

The nation has a high quality of life ranking and the vast majority of expats are happy with work-life balance, job security, and satisfaction. In addition, as many as two thirds of expats in Luxembourg are optimistic about their career prospects.

Part of that satisfied feeling among Luxembourg’s career expats may be that their high wages go much farther in other European countries, some of which are a mere 30-minute trip away
Change is likely to be a major theme in people’s lives as the Covid-19 pandemic restricts our lives less, which could make this the the time to broaden your career prospects by working abroad.
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