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Reasons to live in Spain

Spain is undoubtedly one of Europe’s beautiful countries with a fastest growing economy, thereby offering a better life to many Europeans who come here for different purposes: travel or trade. But a very lucky few get the chance to plan their rest of life living in Spain. To date most Britons enjoy the Spanish way of life while doing some business or buying a house or land for a luxury living in tranquillity. The reason for living in Spain might vary from person to person. So here is a list of some reasons why living in Spain may be so attractive:


The most important reason for the continuous flow of tourists and foreigners to make Spain their home is its fantastic weather. Varied geographical situations in the presence of mountainous terrain and long coastline make the climate extremely diverse. People enjoy the sun, sea, beaches in coastal provinces with over 300 days of sunshine per year. Summer is in general quite hot and dry and the average temperature is usually between 25 and 33 degrees centrigrade, year round the average temperature is 25 degrees centigrade, while winter is warm and mild with some rainfall of course. If you are in search of the sun as most people from Northern Europe usually are, Spain has one of the perfect climates imaginable for living. Several coastal regions have the privilege of 300 sunny days year-round and hence Spain is one of the warmest countries in Europe.

Health Advantages:

A mild climate facilitates a healthy life as in case of diseases like Asthma, Rheumatism, Arthritis or cardiac related problems. World Health Organisation (WHO) notes Spain’s climate as the best one to live in. Again a traditional Mediterranean diet – grains, cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables, sea food, olive oil and a glass of red wine – is considered the healthiest in the world. Retirees or those who have any health complications which need special care in relaxing weather can think about Spain as their destination. Soothing weather means fresh air, more time being active amid recreational facilities and a relaxed way of life all which are crucial for a longer life. This is the reason Spain has one of the highest life expectancies and lower rate of heart and cancer diseases in Europe. Moreover, Spain has the 4th best healthcare system in the world, and people coming here could have the advantage.

Lower Cost of Living:

Behind Portugal and Greece, Spain is the 3rd lowest cost of living country in Europe, tempting many Europeans to come and settle here. Although it depends on the style of living and specific region, cost of basic luxurious goods is well in reach for everyone and much cheaper compared to any other European nation. Electricity, gas and telephone bills are quite cheaper in comparison to UK, while the government imposes less tax on things such as food, wine, beer, cigarettes and leisure activities. However, housing or rental costs are not that much cheaper and have been increasing gradually, especially in urban areas. In bigger cities like Madrid and Barcelona, owning a house or simply renting an apartment is becoming expensive. However, it is cheap in rural Spanish villages and in some coastal areas where the property prices have seen some kind of stagnancy in recent years. However, the general property cost is about 25% to 30% lower than in the UK which is an encouraging factor to come to Spain.

Property & Investment:

In a strong economy, the ever-increasing property value of Spain always gets better. Buying and selling property here is no longer a hard-hitting task and with the help of many agencies one can easily own their own piece of real-estate. The buying infrastructure has been greatly improved over the years and it demands very little effort to buy a Spanish property. The paper work involved is also not that complicated and you can easily do the rest by hiring a Spanish Lawyer, or even on your own if you are well-acquainted with the investment options and important concepts of the Spanish property market, including mortgages and taxes. However, it is always best to consult a qualified lawyer for these things.

Easy Accessibility:

Inexpensive air travel inside Spain and all its neighbouring countries have further made it a preferred destination amongst holidaymakers. People from other European and African countries can easily reach any city in Spain by numerous regular and low-cost flights, making Spain their second home. A Briton living or working in Spain has now the option of dividing his/her time both in Spain and UK with very little hassle, as it is only a few hours journey. Hence, good communication can be a reason for living in Spain.

Standard of Living:

With reduced living costs, low crime rates, less traffic and pollution, Spain offers you a life full of soul searching moments and times full of celebrations and jubilation. There is a great variety of recreation options from beach life to golfing sessions and shopping to sightseeing, you will experience the most relaxed and luxury living amidst fabulous weather. The comfort and climate certainly allure a lot of people to come and buy a new home in Spain.

People & Culture:

Spaniards are fun-loving and liberal in their thoughts. They open-heartedly welcome foreign residents who come for the purpose of travelling or who have chosen Spain to live. It’s in the nature of Spanish people that they love eating, partying, making friends and enjoy life to the fullest. Many travellers come here to experience the genuine hospitality but end up buying property and living in Spain among warm and generous locals. A fascinating history and vibrant culture also attract people all around the world to come and explore its glorious past adorned with diverse tradition and custom that are part of the Roman or Islamic regime. Spanish music (Flamenco), dance, bullfighting, and various fiestas and ferias along with a variety of palatable cuisine too, catch visitors' attention to dream living in Spain. Evidently, the culture is welcoming to foreign visitors and residents.

Fewer Regulations:

If you are from UK or a resident of any other European country, living or working in Spain won’t be that difficult. There is no such bureaucratic red tape curb for EU passport holders. Visitors from US, Canada or any other country only need to apply for a visa, if they will be in the country for more than ninety days. However, if you want to come to Spain for a job then you shouldn’t forget that unemployment growth rate is higher than in most other EU countries. But the employment market is open to those with special skills, which are not locally available or in the case that someone is highly qualified. Hence, if you are planning to move to Spain, the above mentioned points give an idea of the benefit you are going to get. In fact, all these may work together to lure people to Spain but it is the Spanish way of life in a very pleasing weather that persuades them to live in Spain for the rest. Information courtesy of Craig Edmonds Marbella guide is your personal and business guide to Marbella.

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