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Monthly Wrap: Top 5 places to eat in Dublin

currency-newsMonthly Wrap: Top 5 places to eat in Dublin
From traditional Irish pub grub to contemporary dining experiences, creative new-cuisine to delicious local dishes, Dublin has it all. But which five eateries are the cream of the crop?

L. Mulligan Grocer – authentic pub grub with a modern twist

While it may be more of a gastro-pub than a grass-roots Irish tavern, L. Mulligan Grocer is fast becoming a favourite among locals and tourists in search of a hearty feast.

Lovingly made Irish cuisine full of delectable Irish produce, with a side order of recommended beer or whiskey to accompany every dish, a meal at L. Mulligan Grocer is perfect for the diner who likes a reliable menu and comforting food.

Try the restaurant’s famous Scotch egg starter or the Lamb Tomahawk Chops for a truly satisfying lunch.

Pepper Pot Café – homemade food made from proper Irish produce

A cute fixture on the first floor terrace of Dublin’s well-loved Powerscourt Shopping Centre, the Pepper Pot Café offers delicious food and refreshments made from Irish produce.

Described as purveyors of the best scrambled eggs in Dublin (though the exceptional homemade cakes are also worth a mention!) the Pepper Pot is a favourite among diners who enjoy their meals cosy and simple.
More than just your every-day café, the Pepper Pot bake their goods from scratch, with some unusual takes on Irish classics like soda bread.

They also serve an incredible all-day breakfast, but you might want to get their early on weekends as the service can get busy. 

Chapter One – a modern Michelin-Star experience

Dublin has it all: great pub grub, cute cafés, and… Michelin-Star fine dining.

So if comfort food or tea-rooms leave you cold, look no further than Chapter One, a reason in and of itself for a trip to Dublin, particularly if you’re a dedicated foodie.

As a highly lauded Michelin-Star restaurant, often seen headlining “best restaurants in Ireland” lists, Chapter One is understandably expensive, though there are some more affordable items on the menu, with some three course meals priced at just €44.

Chapter One is a great place to treat yourself and get stuck into some truly Irish fine dining.

The Brazen Head – tradition, served with a side of history and music

The Brazen Head claims to be Ireland’s oldest pub, with a largely undocumented history tracing back 800 years to a time when the Norman Invasion of 1169 was still a living memory!

While the pub’s formidable reputation plays a large part in drawing tourists, many are surprised by the quality of the food.

Good beers, delicious stews and fish dishes are served nightly against a background of traditional Irish music and historic surroundings stepped in Gaelic mythology, creating a timeless vibe and a uniquely Celtic experience.

And in case you were wondering, a Brazen Head is a legendary automaton ascribed to ancient scholars with reputations as wizards.

Cornucopia – a vegetarian and vegan favourite

In the last few decades Dublin has embraced the vegetarian and vegan scene – and the Cornucopia has been a hub for the city’s veggies since 1986.

This family-run business has remained a firm favourite even as the number of other successful meat-free restaurants has increased.

Not only is food at the Cornucopia delicious, with creative ideas and combinations to tempt the most discerning palate, it also has progressive principles, with compostable packaging and recycled waste keeping the restaurant’s carbon footprint low.

While the Cornucopia is a comfortable and laid-back eatery it also caters to busy customers, with a self-service system providing a fast-food option without the fast-food. By staying true to its roots, relevant and affordable, the Cornucopia has become one of Dublin’s biggest culinary success stories.
While these are among Dublin’s finest gastric delights, the city offers a plethora of choice – so get exploring!
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