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Monthly Wrap: The top 5 international education systems

currency-newsMonthly Wrap: The top 5 international education systems
Moving abroad as a young family is both an exciting and daunting concept. There are several things you will have to consider: the potential language barrier, the cultural and social differences and how your child will adapt.

Possibly the most important element to consider is the school systems, to ensure that your child will still have the best opportunities available to them. In this article we will be looking at the top 5 international education systems in 2021 as according to the Best Countries Report by US News and World Report.


Ranked number one, America’s education system is divided into three levels: Elementary, Middle and High School, where children are taught a variety of subjects all the way through to Year 12 instead of subject specialising in the same manner that the UK system does.

At the end of their school career, a child’s opportunity to process onto higher education is determined by a mixture of elements: grades, teachers’ opinions and their extracurricular, rather than solely relying on their exam results.


Germany’s schools are often only open in the morning, with children attending classes from 7:30am through to 1:30pm. This provides children with more free time enabling them to strike up a work / life balance which will hopefully continue into adulthood.

The German education system focuses heavily on reading, writing and arithmetic as these subjects are deemed the most important. However, Germany does provide a lot more homework than many of the other countries on this list.


Canada’s public education system is a high priority for the Canadian government and is, in turn, extremely well-funded, offering one of the best education systems in the world.

Mandatory schooling begins at 6 years old, though many children attend kindergarden before then. Canada’s emphasis on unity is seen throughout the classroom which allows children – both Canadian citizens and those who have moved across – to blossom.

Due to this unity, all children achieve good grades despite the differences in their backgrounds, providing them all with the opportunity to lead successful lives.


The French education system is similar to the UK with a few minor changes. Unlike the UK, students don’t wear a uniform to promote individualism. The school days are also longer, often starting at 8:30am and finishing at 4:30pm, usually having an hour and a half for lunchbreak.

Subject-wise, private faith schools are normally the only ones to educate on religious studies and mainstream, public schools don’t often teach drama or food tech.


Switzerland’s education system emphasises on equality, ensuring that every child achieves to the best of their ability regardless of their economic background. It is decentralised which enables local amenities to decide what is deemed the most important, whilst also adhering to the targets outlined by the central government.

The majority of schools are free, however the taxes in Switzerland are higher than most other countries. This is to fund the excellent teaching but may also be worth taking into consideration when choosing a country to migrate to.

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Education plays a crucial role in the social development of children, and its quality can directly impact a person’s life and career opportunities in multiple ways. So it's important to thoroughly consider your options before moving to a new country with your young family!
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