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Monthly Wrap: Post-Brexit: Moving to the USA from the UK

currency-newsMonthly Wrap: Post-Brexit: Moving to the USA from the UK
The American Dream, the Land of Opportunity. The United States of America has long held an allure for many to emigrate to and call home, and it’s easy to see why. The scenery alone is enough to make anyone want to pack up and start a new life across the pond. With the sweeping vistas of Montana, the jaw-dropping vistas of the Pacific Northwest, the sandy beaches of California, and just about everything in between, America has more than enough variety to suit just about everyone.
With a country built on immigration, there’s a good reason it’s also known as The Melting Pot, as the USA is the second most popular country for UK immigration after Australia. Since Brexit came into effect, the number of Brits emigrating to other countries has risen by 30%, and with a similar culture, the same language and just about every kind of climate you could want, America has it all.
If you’re thinking of moving to the USA, the good news is that Brexit hasn’t affected the process. With Brexit throwing a spanner in the works for many citizens who were ready to throw in the British towel and start a new life abroad in Europe, America is still on the table.

Applying for the Right Visa 

When thinking about how to move to America from the UK, the biggest obstacle is the visa. To live and work in the US permanently, you will need the correct type of visa, and this step can be the most arduous and lengthy of the immigration process. It’s a good idea to start this process as early as possible, as some visas can take over a year to process and be accepted.
So what visas are available to those wanting to emigrate to the USA?

Sponsored Employment

If you’re looking to work in the USA, the best way would be to find sponsorship from an American company. If a US-based business wants to hire you, the process is much quicker, and less hassle for you.


It is still possible to gain a visa to work in the USA without needing to find a sponsorship prior to moving. In order to find work in America, you will need to meet the criteria required. Holding a masters or PhD degree boosts your chances, as does working for at least five years in your chosen field. The list of skill shortages is updated regularly, and if your profession is on the list, it will greatly improve your chances in finding work in the USA.


Being a direct relative is the easiest way of acquiring a visa to stay in America, but this method can still take a long time to process. If you are a child of an American citizen, or are planning to marry one, the barrier to entry is far lower.
If you are looking to retire in America, unfortunately the options are not so plentiful. At present, no visa exists to move to the USA from the UK as a retirement plan, or one that does not involve working.

Renting vs Buying a Home in the USA

If you only plan to try the American life on a temporary basis, or maybe undecided on where you would like to settle, renting might be your better option. Lease agreements in America tend to be on a six-month or one-year basis, allowing you enough time to experience the city or town without settling permanently.
Moving to America from the UK on a more permanent basis might see you want to jump on the property ladder, the moment you are granted legal work status, you can buy a property. Estate agents will be on hand to take you through the process of owning your first property in the USA.

Where to Live?

The hardest part of moving to the USA might just be the visa process, but equally as challenging is how to choose where to start a new life. With America being the fourth-largest country in the world, spanning six time zones and temperatures ranging from an endless summer all year round in San Diego to the freezing winters of -35 degrees in Alaska, you’ll be spoiled for choice.
If the great outdoors is what you are after when you think of moving to the US, you’ll have plenty of options to get away from it all and live a peaceful existence amongst the varied flora and fauna the States has to offer. If the city life is more your thing, there are certainly no shortage of bustling metropolises to choose from.
The process to move to America from the UK is long, and not necessarily easy, but one that will surely be worthwhile.
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