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Monthly Wrap: 5 Property Hotspots for 2019

currency-newsMonthly Wrap: 5 Property Hotspots for 2019
With Brexit looming and the uncertainty amongst investors palpable it’s maybe unsurprising to hear that many are choosing to shun the UK property market this year.

But there are still a range of investment opportunities to be found overseas.

If you’re interested in exploring these opportunities, we’ve curated a short list of some of the foreign property hotspots analysts forecast will yield the greatest returns in 2019.

Manila, The Philippines

Why the Philippines may not be the first choice for anyone looking for foreign property investment opportunities, the capital city of Manila should be definitely be on your short-list this year.

A large part of this is down to Manila’s rapid growth, with recent developments within the city resulting in a booming tourism industry and drawing large investments from companies and individuals.

Manila is now set to be one of the world’s fastest growing cities in 2019, with investors set to reap the rewards as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ attracts even more people to its shores, likely driving house prices ever higher.

Belize City, Belize

Belize City, the former capital and most populous city in the small South American country of Belize, has seen its international profile rise in recent years as a growing number of cruise ships choose to anchor in its harbour.   

However, despite the city’s burgeoning tourism industry offering some solid short-term rental yields, Belize City remains relatively untouched by foreign investors.

Thanks to this the cost of entry is fairly low, making the port city an attractive prospect for any investors who may be thinking of dipping their toes into the foreign property market.

Ballarat, Australia

While Australia’s infamous house price growth appears to have slowed recently, with both Sydney’s and Melbourne’s cooling off in 2018, analysts still believe there is opportunity for strong growth in some of the neighbouring cities, with the city of Ballarat receiving particular attention.

Located in in the state of Victoria, roughly 70 miles from Melbourne, analysts forecast that Ballarat’s great transport links to Australia’s second largest city will see Ballarat’s property market show strong growth through 2019.

Be aware that buying a property for short-term rental in Ballarat is likely to offer only limited returns however, with the city’s tourism industry not as developed as in some of the other destinations on this list.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

While upfront investment costs may be notably higher in Amsterdam than some of the other spots on this list, for a major European city, Amsterdam’s property market is a veritable steal.

With growing demand for residential housing and limited stock resulting in a steady rise in prices in recent years, and Amsterdam’s considerable tourism industry also offering lucrative short-term rental opportunities, returns on your investment are almost guaranteed.

However you may need to act fast if you want to take advantage of the opportunities offered in Amsterdam as international investors continue to flock to the city, driving prices ever higher.

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas offers potential investors an ideal location for purchasing a rental property.

Austin features a notable student population, diverse economy and a plethora of high paying jobs which has seen its population swell in recent years.

On top of this Austin’s landlord-friendly housing market and beautiful environment makes the city an attractive proposition for any investor considering going the Airbnb route, with Airbnb hosts enjoying $19bn in revenue through the summer last year.

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