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April Donating - How did we do??

April is over and with it, the first full month of combined activities for charity. To summarise, we had 3 Dress Down Fridays, 1 Grand National Sweep, 1 Easter Raffle and 3 Rate Watch Competitions. Phew…! We also collected GBP14.52 in the spare change tub for The Food Chain, which has been added to the total. But how much have we raised, I here you cry! Well, the tubs of gold coins have been counted along with all monies collected and the new co-operative wall cumulative total is…. Drum roll…. GBP874!! That’s fantastic and surely means that we will be into 4 digits really soon. Please all give yourselves a pat on the back – or better still give a colleague a pat! So, how is this month’s total (GBP403.49) being split between the charities Cancer Research, Save the Children and the British Heart Foundation? Well, you put your gold coins where your allegiance lay and there were 2 clear favourites in the office, but Save the Children just took the edge with 324 coins from Cancer Research with 318 and the British Heart Foundation with 214. Once we added in all the other collections equally to this, it meant that each charity received: Save the Children GBP142.23 Cancer Research GBP141.03 British Heart Foundation GBP120.23 The co-operative wall has now been updated to show who we are collecting for this month – Leukaemia Research, Barnardo’s and Alzheimer's Research. Why don’t you stop by the wall on your way home tonight and check it out! The CSR team have a lot of fundraising ideas for May so watch this space but this Friday will be the first of 5 Dress Down Fridays in May!!

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