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Tips: How to generate traffic to your website

Building a search engine friendly website or webpage is not rocket science. Here are our top tips to help maximise your chances of getting your website listed higher in search engine results.
  • Make quality content a priority.
  • Structure content using h1, h2, h3,<strong>, <p> tags.
  • Title, keywords, descriptions relevant to each page.
  • Use and link keywords and phrases within page content.
  • Keep away from highly competitive keywords and phrases.
  • Put content, structure and usability over design.
  • Site coding - build for both humans and machines.
  • Exchange links or content with complimentary websites.
  • Keep your website content regularly updated.
  • Search engines can also read PDFs, PPT, Doc, Excel etc.
  • Use Flash wisely - don't build your website entirely with Flash.
  • Understand and respond to visitors needs - view visitors log.
  • Don't spam the search engines.
There is a wealth of information on the web dedicated to search engine optimisation and how you can do it. Below is a small selection of the ones we found most helpful Visit these websites to find out more about search engines:
  1. DMOZ Search List
  2. Wikipedia: Search Engine
  3. Evolution of Web Searching
  4. Google-Friends
  5. Yahoo! Search Blog
  6. Website content analyser
  7. History of Search Engines
  8. How internet search engines work
  9. Search engine optimisation
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