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Business articles

Narrowed UK fiscal deficit could extend pound rally

Pound exchange rates could enjoy a fresh boost this morning if July’s UK public sector net borrowing figure paints an encouraging picture of the domes

Euro on stronger footing after rise in ...

Confidence in the euro could increase this morning if June’s Eurozone construction output figure shows a solid improvement on the year.

Euro sturdy, US dollar falters after bullish ...

The unexpectedly sharp widening of the Eurozone trade surplus has set the euro on a generally stronger footing heading towards the weekend.

Can UK inflation data boost pound?

After the disappointing nature of yesterday’s average weekly earnings data the pound looks vulnerable ahead of the latest UK consumer price index.

Turkish financial crisis dominates euro ...

Confidence in the pound could pick up this morning if June’s average weekly earnings data points towards an increase in UK wage growth.

Plunging Turkish lira sends US dollar higher

As the unfolding Turkish currency crisis stoked risk aversion the US dollar was propelled higher ahead of the weekend.

Pound poised to rally on higher second ...

Having weakened significantly over the course of the week the pound could find a rallying point in the form of second quarter UK gross domestic produc

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