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Business articles

Can UK retail sales encourage pound rebound today?

Brexit jitters look set to keep the pound under pressure for the foreseeable future as investors continue to weigh up the odds of the UK leaving the E

Canadian dollar could fall on unemployment ...

The Canadian dollar looks set for further weakness this afternoon as forecasts point towards an uptick in January’s unemployment rate.

Slowing UK service sector set to weigh down ...

GBP exchange rates could experience further weakness this morning if January’s UK services PMI eases on the month.

Can US dollar weather weaker consumer ...

As US political tensions have eased slightly the mood towards the US dollar has improved, returning to a stronger footing as the government shutdown e

Can trade data extend New Zealand dollar ...

Demand for the New Zealand dollar could pick up further over the course of the day as markets brace for the latest New Zealand trade data.

German business confidence to pile more ...

With very little economic data for the UK, the focus on Thursday remained on the continuation of Brexit discussions, with EU Chief Negotiator, Michel

Could ECB announcement drag euro lower today?

Euro exchange rates could see further weakness today if the European Central Bank (ECB) delivers a cautious message in its first policy announcement o