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Business articles

Will the UK spring budget update boost the pound?

Sterling strengthened on Monday amid hopes that today’s spring budget statement from Chancellor Philip Hammond will contain some encouraging economic

Will US budget deficit reach $1 trillion in ...

The US will publish its latest budget statement later this afternoon and expectations of a significant gap in the budget is leading many investors to

US unemployment to strike new 17-year low?

The pound may move higher this morning as the ONS publishes the UK’s latest trade balance figures.

Will ECB signal the end of its easing bias?

The European Central Bank (ECB) will deliver its latest rate decision this afternoon, with the outcome of its March policy meeting likely to have a ma

Is Australia facing a slowdown?

While Trump’s recent protectionist rhetoric is likely to continue to be the main source of movement in the US dollar today, it may come under further

Italian election result to spur EUR losses?

The UK will publish its latest update on its all-important service sector later this morning, with GBP investors hopeful that it will help to push the

Italian election to spur EUR losses?

Today will be the last day of trading before Italy goes to the polls this weekend to vote in the country’s general election.