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Would an app boost your business?

business-articlesWould an app boost your business?
The advent of the smartphone has prompted a fundamental shift in browsing habits over the last decade, with over half of users now accessing the internet through mobile devices.
This shift towards mobile browsing has contributed to the meteoric rise of the app, with millions of apps being downloaded around the world every day.
An app can be a great way to increase your engagement with your customers, and (if utilised effectively) it can be a major financial boon for your business.
But with nearly 4 million apps on Google play and over 2 million on Apple’s app store it’s also increasingly difficult to make one app stand out.
Anyone remember Twitter’s #Music app? No, neither do we, but its failure to get off the ground is a stark reminder that even apps from some of the biggest firms in the world can prove to be a misstep if not properly thought through.
If you’re seriously considering investing in an app for your own business, here are a few things you should consider before you take the plunge.

Do your customers need an app?

Before you make any steps towards the development of an app for your business you need to consider how your consumer base may react to an app.
In-depth analysis of your customer data will help you build a profile of your average user and whether they’re likely to adopt your app in any significant numbers.
For instance while the millennial generation (and younger) may embrace your app, it might not be so popular with older customers - so if you have a predominately older user base an app may be counterproductive.
You may also want to consider how the majority of customers interact with your business. If you derive a lot of business through online searches, you may find that customer acquisition may not be supported well with an app which must be found and downloaded beforehand.
Consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of the value of their privacy and you may find that they are reluctant to provide yet another app with access to their personal details.

How will the app compliment your business?

It’s also important to consider what functionality an app may bring to your business that a mobile responsive website cannot.
One of the key differentiators between an app and a mobile site is than an app can be granted permissions to use some of the various features of your phone, such as the use of your camera or access to your contact list.
You may find an app also allows you to offer a more personalised experience for your users and streamline your customer journey.
A successful app is therefore one which makes clear and sensible use of these permissions to offer a better customer experience.
A great example would be the Uber app, which through its access to the GPS on your phone helps to match you with a nearby Uber driver, making it more convenient for the user.
Conversely if your app is unlikely to need access to these additional features, you may be better off focusing on optimising a mobile-responsive website.

Will you see a ROI on an app?

Another essential consideration when deciding whether to build an app is what kind of return on investment (ROI) you can expect.
The development of an app can be a long and expensive process and it’s imperative to budget this cost against what reasonable profits you can expect to see.
Maintaining an app will also require further funds in order to ensure its long term success, whether that means providing additional content to keep users engaged, or conducting essential updates when something goes askew.
If your business is relatively small you may also want to forgo an app and stick with a mobile responsive site until you can increase your user base to a level which would warrant the additional expense.

What’s your competition up to?

The final factor in deciding whether to go forward with your app is to look at what your competition is doing and whether your business will suffer by not keeping pace.
If you find there’s a gap in the market, this may be a golden opportunity to get ahead of the competition by developing your own app, as with the tech world it’s often the case of the early bird gets the worm.
If your competitors already have an app, take the opportunity to research their product and read reviews on the App Store or Google Play to find out what consumers think of it and how they use it.
This will help you cater your app to your audience and to consider what your app can offer its users which your competitors can not.
There is certainly no black and white answer to whether you should invest in developing an app or stick with a mobile-responsive site for your business.
But by fully considering the needs of your customers and the needs of your own business, you’ll be in a position to make a more informed decision on whether an app would help or undermine your future growth.
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