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Whatever the election outcome keep your business on top

business-articlesWhatever the election outcome keep your business on top
Voters are heading to the polling station and with heightened volatility expected in the markets over the next 48 hours, internationally operating businesses should be aware of the tools available to help protect a specific budget rate, or achieve a target rate of exchange.  
Market orders help you to trade strategically during a time of uncertain market movement. Tell us how much you need to trade and a target exchange rate you’d like to aim for above the existing market rate. We’ll place a limit order for you at your chosen rate so that if the market reaches that point your trade will be automatically executed.
Conversely, a stop order placed at your lowest acceptable rate, will trigger a trade should the election results have a negative impact on the market and protect your business from further losses. Using market orders in tandem will give you the peace of mind of trading within a comfortable range, knowing the outcome you're positioned to take advantage of favourable rates whilst preventing any downside exposure.
Instructing us to use market orders also means there’s no need to monitor the currency markets minute-by-minute to get a good deal, and your trades will be executed on your behalf even if the markets move outside of normal trading hours.
For example: If you believe that GBP/EUR is about to begin an upswing, you could enter a limit order at a price slightly above the market rate. If the rate does move upwards as you predicted and reaches your limit price, a trade is executed with no further action required on your part.
Market orders are simple budgeting tools that can have a significant impact on your bottom line. They’re easy to set up and can protect your business from any nasty surprises.
The pound has been surprisingly calm in the final countdown to the election, making steady advances up until polling day. Over the course of the night as results start to be released we are sure to see some more significant pound movement.


How is the pound likely to react?

Conservative win:
Likely to strengthen pound exchange rates short-term as the status quo is maintained. Could weaken Sterling over time if a ‘hard Brexit’ is pursued.
Labour win:
Could weaken the pound initially as Brexit negotiations could be derailed. However, the pursuit of a softer Brexit may give the pound a lift long-term.
Hung parliament:
Likely to send pound exchange rates falling on the prospect of heightened uncertainty and potentially lengthy coalition discussions. However, JP Morgan analysts anticipate that a left-leaning coalition could actually be positive for the pound once the election dust has settled.


Prepare your business for any outcome

Our expert team will be monitoring the markets closely as events unfold, so please get in touch to discuss the best way to protect your business from risk and take advantage of markets moving in your favour.

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