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Speaking from experience: Rare Pink

Rare Pink is an online retailer of bespoke engagement rings and fine diamond jewellery. Our customers are men and women looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery, without the high street price tag.

From day one we considered ourselves to be a ‘global kind of business’ despite being a small company. We currently deliver to over 50 countries, with 25% of our business coming from countries outside of the UK. We like to be very competitive on price by taking full advantage of a global diamond and jewellery supply chain. Our diamond suppliers are from the US, Hong Kong, India and Belgium.

While setting up our US office we had to cover many expenses. Currencies Direct has helped us with our US bank account and walked us through the process. I am positive we would not be able to move as quickly as we do without their constant guidance. Currencies Direct helps us to save valuable time and money on paying our suppliers. Many of our web developers, jewellery designers and marketing consultants are outside of the UK and we want to be able to pay them as quickly as possible, without incurring losses on foreign exchange.

"I find using Currencies Direct even easier than making
a local payment. I just give my personal dealer, Phil a call
and one minute later everything is arranged. In fact,
when I call I always ask to speak with Phil as he feels
like one of our team, always there when we need him."

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