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Enjoy flexibility and transparency with currency wallets

business-articlesEnjoy flexibility and transparency with currency wallets
The last three years have been dogged with uncertainty, with Brexit dominating headlines and clarity on the UK’s future relationship with the EU remaining elusive.

But while the situation has created complications, businesses can still count on us to help them swap volatility for predictability.

Our commitment to offering our business clients flexible, transparent transfers has seen us introduce a new service for 2019 – currency wallets.

Key benefits

With our new service, your business can purchase currency and store it securely in a digital wallet until you need it.

A new wallet will be created whenever you purchase a currency you haven’t bought before, so you can have multiple balances in multiple currencies.

Purchasing currency in advance can help you budget effectively, defend against the risk of sudden rate movements and speed up future transfers.

The other benefits of using currency wallets include:

Having total transparency over your transfers
With the new set up you can check your account balances, in progress payments, incoming/outgoing transfers and historical transactions, all in one place.

Receiving funds from third parties in multiple currencies
You can receive third-party payments in multiple currencies and store them in your currency wallets until needed.

Fitting your transfers around your business
Have complete control over your currency transfers and arrange payments at a time that suits you. With our online service you can also check live rates 24/7 and set rate alerts.
Check out currency wallets by logging into your online account.
If you haven’t used our services before, creating an account is quick and easy, just follow the link below to get started.


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