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4 things you need to know about doing business in ...

While Singapore may only be half the size of greater London, the island city-state punches above its weight on the international stage and is the perf

Pound under pressure

Confidence in the pound looks set to weaken further this morning with the release of the latest BBA loans for house purchase data.

Conservative leadership worries dominate ...

Political anxiety is limiting the appeal of the pound once again this week, with Conservative leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson facing questions ov

Will the pound stay on the back foot today?

A renewed sense of political anxiety gripped the pound ahead of the weekend as the Conservative leadership contest came down to its final two candidat

Can a Eurozone manufacturing reversal boost ...

Forecasts point towards a modest uptick in the Eurozone manufacturing PMI in June, something which could offer a boost to the euro this morning.

Could BoE hawkishness boost pound gains today?

Yesterday’s dip in the UK consumer price index was not enough to prevent the pound trending higher across the board.

Weaker UK inflation rate set to dent pound

Worries over the risk of a no-deal Brexit continued to weigh on the pound yesterday as the Conservative leadership contest heated up further.