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Currency pairs Rates
GBP - AUD 1.64307
GBP - CAD 1.63524
GBP - EUR 1.11615
GBP - NZD 1.74764
GBP - USD 1.29943
GBP - AED 4.7717
GBP - BGN 2.2055
GBP - BHD 0.4888
GBP - BWP 13.215
GBP - CHF 1.23546
GBP - CNY 8.7932
GBP - CZK 29.1118
GBP - DKK 8.3004
GBP - HKD 10.145
GBP - HRK 8.225
GBP - HUF 340.59
GBP - ILS 4.6324
GBP - JPY 145.211
GBP - KES 134.39
GBP - KWD 0.3928
GBP - MUR 44.28
GBP - MXN 22.7666
GBP - NOK 10.44469
GBP - OMR 0.4989
GBP - PHP 65.919
GBP - PLN 4.72129
GBP - QAR 4.7538
GBP - RON 5.1047
GBP - RUB 76.575
GBP - SAR 4.8664
GBP - SEK 10.71736
GBP - SGD 1.7739
GBP - THB 43.466
GBP - TND 3.1291
GBP - TRY 4.59716
GBP - ZAR 16.859
GBP - ZAR 16.859

Today’s exchange rates

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